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Thursday – juggling literally and figuratively! Getting ready for both the Magic of Life event on the Decatur Square at 12:30 Saturday and our adventure in Houston where we will perform in the Bayou City Arts Festival. We are in the studio and out the square today. Keep an eye out for colorful characters doing […]


Let’s Get Physical !


Looking Back

September was a big month for CORE. We started our 25th anniversary season in Decatur. We celebrated CORE Day on September 17th. We acknowledged our past CORE Alumni by inviting them back to our CORE Studios. We premiered The Point and its sister work The Moment Between in the beautiful performing arts space at Decatur […]


Juggling a new piece

What is CORE Performance Company up to? Could it be a new piece? More to come.

Oct 30 . French dance at the Rialto

ASPHALTE–Rialto Center, Sun., Oct. 30, 5 p.m. Master class with Compagnie Derniere Minute, Sat., Oct. 29, 11:30 a.m., CORE Studios Our friends and partners at the Rialto Center for the Arts at GSU are bringing Compagnie Derniere Minute to their stage on October 30 at 5 p.m. for a Salon de Danse presentation of ASPHALTE. […]

From yesterday–dress rehearsal

Happy Friday everyone!So after class with jhon, we had a mini-break (where I took the time to get juice & baked goods) until we had to be in the rather lovely, & brand spanking new Decatur HS Performing Arts Center!  Which is a really wonderful and impressive facility.  Big shout out to Deb, Evan, & […]

Hitting the ground running

With the season having just started, and opening that with a performance close at hand; I am anxious…in many senses of that word.  I am still trying to find my way back to my body (after our summer “break”).  In addition to that, I cannot expect to psychologically/mentally be in the same performance “head-space” because […]


Finding Comfort in Chaos

CORE explores The Moment Between In the world of dance, motion heals. Stillness can reign, but dance channels emotions through movements that have a purpose. Centering accompanies plies. Swooshing arms symbolize acceptance. A rigid point illustrates surety. This is how dancers talk with their bodies. Jhon Stronks gets this, and it may be the key […]

A little R&R

Can I just say I LOOOOOOVE to sleep!  I love to dance, but I have loved sleeping probably since I was a baby.  I am quite a sound sleeper too!  Ask my housemates and they will tell you that if a train ran into my house while I slept, I wouldn’t know until I woke […]

Show week

Well…it’s show week folks!!!  Ahhh…I get excited, and nervous about it all.   We just got back into the studio about two weeks ago!  Well, minus our usual Tuesday off and the Labor Day weekend; we’ve only been rehearsing for little over a week.  Now show week is upon us. In case you haven’t heard […]