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Corian & Alisa work on choreography someone warms up their feet

What do Claire and Alisa bring to the Table today?

Perhaps they are ‘tabling’ their issues? Do they like to shop at ‘Sur le Table’ Maybe they are looking at the ‘table of contents’? Or are they discussing the ‘Periodic Table of Elements’? Actually I think that they are working on ‘Navigating the Hallway’! See what they serve at their Table November 17th, and 18th, […]

Today is Food Day!

Today is FOOD DAY and it is very appropriate that right now Sue is in Conway, Arkansas as part of The Moving Toward Health Project, CORE’s long-term collaboration with the University of Central Arkansas.  The mission of MTH is to use dance to talk about health and to raise awareness of body image, healthy lifestyle and disordered eating.  For the next […]


Nourishing the body!

Salon Tomorrow!

Our Salon tomorrow will be exploring the ideas of shared space, compromise, and the components that are inherent in cohabitation. Below is a link to a podcast that helped to shape some of the work you will see tomorrow. Salon6:30-8pmCORE Studios139 Sycamore StDecatur, GAMarta Stop, DecaturRefreshments generously provided by Cafe Alsace See you tomorrow!!

Dancers get musical

A little clip of the dancers making music outside the office on Monday.

a haiku to breakthrough

forget the rhythm don’t think about any rhyme searching for breakthrough namaste

Spittin’ lyrics

bounceflickshakemovegroove…breathe. feet not liftingfrom the paper,repeat; don’t refrain. bounceflickshakemove, groove. such generic namesin a non-judgmental game.we all nee labels to list as we: make and shakemove and groove…get into a groove like Madonna did.fearlessangstybreathe: breathe through the angst, break through the angstthe bouncethe quakethe shake…and just dance. break down and dancebreak through and dance…and I […]


More photos from BCAF

Thank you to Ken Hudson for sending us some more fun photos from last weekend’s Bayou City Art Festival performance of BRINK: BREAK::BROKE:?

Bayou City Art Festival!