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Summer Intensive: some background

A contact jam, photo by Lynn Lane Leslie Scates and Blake Dalton, photo by Lynn Lane This Sunday we start work in the studio in our first Summer Intensive as Lori Teague and Leslie Scates guide the dancers of CORE Performance Company, and anyone else who would like to join us, as we learn and explore movement […]


A Blog about Searching for a Blog (Atlanta Edition)

A report from Communications Intern, Kathryn A.: My initial reaction to the task of finding blogs about dance in Atlanta was one uncertainty and mixed understanding. So of course, the first stop was Google. In the search bar I typed “Atlanta dance blogs” and like most things typed in Google my results seemed to be […]


Dance/USA in San Francisco

Howdy, all!This is Claire H. and I do Communications for CORE. Most of the time this blog is for the dancers to talk about their process and what they’re creating in the studio. I usually don’t post because I’m staying in the office while they go on tour to far off places, not nearly as […]