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Arkansas update

We are here in Conway, AR arriving in beautiful breezy weather. Mirazozo, the huge luminarium, is definitely an experience that leaves us all in a state of wonder after rehearsing 1-2 hours inside the giant geometric balloon of colorful light. In addition to creating work inside the mammoth, inflatable sculpture, we had the privilege of […]


Mind, Heart, Tummy

Core Performance Company is hard at work, though I almost want to say, “hard at play!” We are working on a play, a dance, a piece called “The Heart of the Matter.” It was performed last season in Arkansas, and we are lucky enough to be welcomed back to Conway, AR with this show. We […]


Dance in an inflatable “luminarium”

CORE Performance Company is traveling to Conway, Arkansas again, but this time there’s something different. The company has enjoyed performing in the Baum Gallery on the University of Central Arkansas campus on our last two trips, but on this trip, coming up September 28-29, we get to perform inside a huge inflatable “luminarium” created by […]

Show time!

The premire weeekend of ‘Shift’is finally upon us! We have had a great week of tech and dress rehearsals and can’t wait to share the three new works with you! Remember: There are only 2 chances to see the show (Saturday @8pm and Sunday @3pm at Decatur High Schools Performing Arts Center) and its FREE, […]

SHIFT: Some food for thought

First of all, thank you for attending SHIFT by CORE Performance Company! Here are a few questions as food for thought as you process your experience of the performance. If you’d like to share your thoughts, please comment! You can ask us questions that way, or your fellow audience members. We look forward to hearing […]

SHIFT: Interview with Artistic Director Sue Schroeder

CORE Founder and Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder, speaks about her piece in the upcoming premiere of SHIFT and how the whole program came together. 

SHIFT Preview

SHIFT Premieres this Fall from CORE Dance on Vimeo. SHIFT is CORE Performance Company’s suite of works by Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder, and guest artists Leslie Scates, and Lori Teague.


Week 2!

Hello again from CORE Studios in Downtown Decatur! We are a little over a week away from the premiere of SHIFT, our first concert of the season. As the date draws nearer, we are spending our time in the studio reviewing, inventing and polishing the three new works. The show will feature new dances of […]

SHIFT: An interview with guest artist Leslie Scates

Check out our newest behind-the-scenes video about SHIFT, the premiere of three new dances on September 15-16 in Decatur, Georgia and November 2-3 in Houston, Texas. This interview is with guest artist Leslie Scates and she talks about some of her process in creating this piece, and her thoughts on improvisation and dancemaking.An interesting tidbit, […]