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Movin’ Right Along

As we’ve been preparing Shift to be performed in Houston, TX at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, Amanda Miller’s work from last week continues to be present in our connectedness as an ensemble of unique individuals. We are geared and ready for our performance in CORE’s hometown, and I leave you with some thoughts that have […]


Work with Amanda K. Miller and Returning to Houston

“Peeling away layers” was a phrase used quite frequently as we deepened into the work of Amanda K. Miller. We peeled away patterns of movement, bad habits, and obstacles within ourselves. At times the work was exhausting, both mentally and physically, but the more layers that were peeled away, the closer we became to Amanda […]


At the BCAF

CORE Performance Company getting ready for the shows this weekend of “If you rock, we’ll roll” at the Bayou City Art Festival. Catch them tomorrow and Sunday at 2 pm.

Arkansas and Bayou City Art Festival-by Aleatha

CORE has just returned from a successful trip out in Arkansas. While there, they performed inside the “Mirazozo” luminarium at Conway’s ArtsFest and visited elementary schools with “The Heart of Matter,” an interactive piece designed to engage young children. Claire Molla; a veteran CORE Performance Company member, shared of her Arkansas experience “It was neat […]

Rock & Roll !

Greetings again from the studio in Decatur! We are nearing the end of our work week and have already accomplished many things in preparation for our performance at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, Texas. The group has been negotiating responsibilities as dance makers and performers to generate new material for this outdoor, site-specific […]