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It’s All Coming Together

We are only two days away from the show. It’s a wonderful feeling, watching a piece of artwork come together. This week we get to experience that feeling as we combine Becky Vall’s and Sue’s works, continue to tweak and work on transitions, and finally move into and within the space. We all know that […]


A Piece of the Puzzle

Like a puzzle, our performance is piecing together satisfyingly being intricately organized by our director Sue. The connections to one another are becoming more and more clear each time we fit another piece of the puzzle into our whole picture. We are dancers even at rest… =) Victoria’s Secret… meet CORE Performance Company’s SECRET.


BLOOM, Costumes, and Secret Preparations

Tonight, at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, CORE will be performing a tiny preview of Secret, which will be performed in full next weekend at Callanwolde, February first, second, and third. CORE will be performing alongside other artists as part of BLOOM, an evening of the Arts and Artists that bring Dekalb County to life. Today […]


Learning To Run

Today we were learning how to run. Our homework, per Sue’s direction, is to learn how to run. Dancers, you see, may be able to dance where ever, but when it comes to running, you’d think we have two left feet. The trick was to run like a lady in a dress and run swiftly […]


Secret noun 1.something that is or is kept secret, hidden, or concealed. 2.a mystery: the secrets 3.our show at Callanwolde February 1-3 We are busy in the studio creating secret spaces for our fast approaching show at Callanwolde next weekend called “Secret”! We are excited to have Juana, a former CORE performance member, joining us […]

May 9 Lunchtime in the Studio

CORE Performance Company in Lunchtime in the Studio, Thursday, May 9 from noon to 1pm in CORE Studios. The topic for our latest installment of Lunchtime in the Studio will focus on our outreach program, the Dynamic X-Change Healing Arts Program, which partners with social service nonprofits to open pathways to joy for under-served populations. […]