CORE Connects

CORE offers programs to the community that reach isolated populations, open doors of dance education, appreciation, and experience to the community and bring artists together to support one another in the creative process.

Dynamic X-Change

Dynamic X-Change is a healing arts program that uses dance and movement as a means to open up new pathways to joy. Since 1993, the program has worked with people of all ages who are isolated because of their circumstances: dealing with abuse, homelessness, language barriers, refugee status, aging, and AIDS.

Dynamic X-Change offers healing classes in movement through partner organizations, nonprofits whose mission it is to help these people overcome their obstacles and live more fulfilling lives. Program partners in Atlanta include the East Atlanta Kids’ Club and the Latin American Association. In Houston, program partners include Project Rowhouses, the Houston Area Women’s Center and The Monarch School. In Atlanta, Dynamic X-Change has been a community partner with local Target stores. In Houston, the program is supported by Texas Commission on the Arts and the  Houston Endowment Inc.


Fieldwork is a rigorous weekly workshop designed to help artists of all disciplines gather information about their works-in-progress. For several weeks in fall and spring, artists show developing works and receive candid, non-directive feedback from their peers. Fieldwork sessions are guided by an experienced facilitator who is also creating work. At the end of the workshop, CORE presents a public showing of the works. CORE is part of The Field Network. For more information, please join our “artist” email list for notices of upcoming workshops.


CORE embraces the idea that art is a conversation.    We invite you to join the conversation  at an evening Salon, which we present during our fall and spring seasons. At a Salon, our audiences enjoy light refreshments as they observe art in creation and then offer feedback  in a facilitated setting.   Salons typically focus on CORE Performance Company’s current work-in-process. Free and open to anyone interested in stepping inside the artistic process.

Lunchtime in the Studio

Sharing dance and lunch with the Decatur community, Lunchtime in the Studio showcases the many aspects of CORE in an informal setting.   The audience gets a free lunch provided by local restaurant sponsors while enjoying a free dance event!

CORE Studios

Offered as a service to the community, CORE Studios are available for rent for classes, rehearsal space and special events. The schedule includes ongoing classes in a wide variety of dance styles, martial arts and more.
Studio Schedule

TTI – Teacher Training Institute

Established in 2002, CORE’s Teachers Training Institute (TTI) is a training program to develop, inspire and empower instructors to teach dance and kinetic learning in community enrichment programs and settings. Originally developed through a partnership with CORE, Moving in the Spirit, Dance Educators of Georgia and the Atlanta Ballet, TTI certifies instructors that commit to dance and kinetic learning techniques as tools to access and develop learners that may be challenged by traditional cognitive teaching models.

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