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a brief moment of alignment

Creator and Collaborator

Sue Schroeder Portrait by Felipe Barral & IGNI Productions 2019.jpg

Creator: Sue Schroeder

Filmmaker and
Composer: Christian Meyer

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Meet the Cast

Aida Kuettle.jpg

Aida Kuettle

Since she started her career as an educator in 2009, Aida Kuettle has had a personal commitment and moral obligation to help fellow language learners in her classroom as either English learners or Spanish learners. A native of Cuernavaca, Mexico, Aida moved to the United States to study English and to be closer to her extended family twenty years ago. Aida has been a volunteer translator and interpreter for Conway County since 2001.

Hannah Hanshaw.jpg

Hannah Hanshaw

Hannah is the Director of the AmeriCorps Program at the University of Central Arkansas. She has been at UCA full-time since graduating with her Bachelor’s in Philosophy & Political Science in 2018 and recently completed her Master’s in CollegeStudent Personnel Administration. She serves as a faculty/staff advisor for UCA's Students for the Arts and PRISM (the LGBTQ+ student organization) She’s passionate about supporting underrepresented and underserved student populations. She has two cats that are basically her whole world and loves coffee and crafting.

Nakeya Palmer.jpg

Nakeya Palmer

I often say I was born in Mississippi but domesticated in Arkansas by way of Hurricane Katrina. I was eight years old at the time and I remember leaving one world and entering a new one. Looking back I think art has always carried me through life. I grew up playing in the school band, singing in choirs, dancing, acting, modeling and more. I fell in love with an artist and followed him to UCA. During my undergrad I found my talent and love for curating. I have a B.A in Art History and I am the Art and Design Program Coordinator UCA. I am also the co-chair for Conway Alliance for the Arts. I love to see artistic ideas come into fruition and find joy in contributing to those ideas in different capacities.

Wanda Eason.png

Wanda Eason

Wanda Eason is a retired elementary and middle school teacher in Arkansas, having taught first through seventh grades at one time or another through 33 years. Fifth grade is her favorite. Since retirement she spends time volunteering in her church and her community and enjoying her family. She loves to travel both near and far! Wanda and her husband have been married for 57 years and have two children and three grandsons.


Curious Minds


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