Laith Stevenson

Laith Stevenson is an interdisciplinary artist whose primary mediums are movement and poetry. My creative process calls for honesty and vulnerability. It engages sensations, memories, and personal experiences. They employ both the metaphorical and literal explorations of ideas related to interpersonal relationships, identity, and media consumption. I assume in all my processes that the body is a physical manifestation of individual’s unique histories and narratives. Moreover, I reflect on my lived experience as a trans person of color in my work. I create first and foremost for myself. My process dives deeply into the realms of self-reflection and hard-to-swallow truths. It challenges typical notions of social dichotomy by depicting nuanced perspectives of my subject matter. I ask my audiences to bear witness to the performer/performers enduring an experience; thus, deepening the empathetic response.

Photo by Walter C. Apps Photography

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