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1830EST: Artists Talk

1830EST: Artists Talk offers an online forum to explore art-making practices through the lens of working artists and their creativity. Each episode assembles multiple viewpoints and includes interviews, field recordings, soundscapes and stories representing the diverse creative practitioners within the Core Dance global landscape.

This series was initiated in 2021 to cultivate community in response to the pandemic, when live experiences were not possible. The ongoing pandemic disrupted the rhythms of everyday life, prompting us to reconfigure how we connect, communicate, and work together.

View the recording of our latest 1830EST: Artists Talk with Loren McFalls
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Upcoming Talks

1830EST: Artists Talks will continue in Fall 2023. Have a wonderful summer!

Previous Talks

September 22, 2022

Bara Latalova & Zden Brungot Svíteková

View a recording of our September 22nd, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guests Bara Latalova and Zden Svitekova. 

Bara Latalova.jpg
Barbora Látalová

Barbora Látalová, 1974

is a freelance dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer, initiator and co founder of the artistic association OSTRUŽINA based in Prague. Barbora is a graduate of the Duncan Center Conservatory who completed an internship at Hunter College at the City University of New York, she has also worked as a dance and movement instructor at the acting faculty of HINT College in Norway. As a performer and creator she has participated in many Czech and international projects. She is a long-time lecturer of the PONEC Theater Children's Studio and the Dance for Schools project Tanec Praha.

Photo by Stepan Latal

Zden Brungot Svíteková

Zden Brungot Svíteková

a moving, freelance artist. 

I chose the word ‘moving’ not only because of dance, which has become my profession and a way of being, it also stands for moving between countries, languages, cultures, thoughts or fields.  

Since 2000 I have been working internationaly as dance artist - performer, creator, curator. In the workI love to lead creative dialogue in the context of interdisciplinary collaborations. 

I have worked with musiciians, visual artists and find great richness in dialoguing with sciences - so far it has been physics, psychology and geology. 

The interest in geology shapes and cultivates my understanding of matter, scales, processes, contexts, space and time. And, more and more, the understanding of (in- and/or non-) humanity. 


The specificity of my practice is the use of a somatic approach to the body and a conceptual approach to creation. The work has been shown in Europe (SK, CR, FR, IS), Asia and Australia. 

I also lead choreographic projects in educational contexts and/or with social aspect. 

Since 2010, she have been in a close artistic dialogue with Bára Látalová. I am co-founder founder of OSTRUZINA, and take part in the running of the association together. 

We produce dance works for young as well as for adult audiences, collaborating with different art fields and placing our works in different contexts: theatrical, site specific, educational or creative

Photo by Lea Girardin

Zden Brungot Svitekova .jpg

October 20, 2022

Valerie Massadian

View a recording of our October 20th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guest Valerie Massadian. 

Valerie Masadian.jpg
Valerie Massadian

Valerie Massadian is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer.

Her first feature, Nana, receives the Opera Prima Award in Festival del Film Locarno in 2011. 

Her second feature, Milla, as well as her short films, have been shown & awarded in International Film Festivals such as Locarno, Valdivia, Jeonju, Ficunam, Doc Lisboa...

Her work focusses on female characters. Their animality, their relation to the world & nature.

Nurtured over time with each protagonists, mixing fairy tale and realism, poetics and politics, her films play with the boundaries of fiction, drawing their own. 

November 3, 2022

Sarah Turquety & Katarzyna Pastuszak

View a recording of our November 3rd, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guests Sarah Turquety and Katarzyna Pastuszak. 

Sarah Turquety

Sarah Turquety is a French poet and performer. She works to suspend the automation of the body and language to allow the emergence of the unpredictable, a new or renewed language, the disruption of power relations. Her tools are writing, improvisation, physical engagement and creating situations. Her last 3 performances are involving bodies, language in communities : Si tout se resserre (2020), Script-album (and website, 2018), (2016). Since 2012, she has been involved in her territory, in the south-west of France - performances, actions, sensitive politics - through a company called Sonnets 3 fois. She is supported by various institutions and art centers, in France and other countries.

Sarah Turquety .jpg
Katarzyna Pastuszak

Katarzyna Pastuszak (Poland) - dancer/performer, choreographer and artistic director of Amareya Theatre & Guests, adjunct and lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts (IAiA - University of Gdańsk), member of Between.Pomiędzy Research Group (UG), member of CEMiPoS (Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies, Sapporo). Holder of numerous artistic scholarships. Her performances were presented, among others, in Japan, Greenland, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Germany, France and Poland. She also collaborates with Ainu Women's Association (Sapporo) - artistic projects with Ainu women and with Park ON Association (Poland) - conducting dance workshops for PD patients.

Kasia Pastuszak photo.jpg
Sue Schroeder

In over 40 years of work in the arts, Sue Schroeder has created more than 110 original dance works for theaters, museums, green spaces, architectural works, and water environments. Her work has appeared throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Israel, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Guatemala, and Hungary. Schroeder’s multidisciplinary vision has led to collaborations with major voices in Dance – Amanda K. Miller, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Ellen Bromberg, Beppie Blankert, Dieter Baumann & Jutta Hell, Alicia Sanchez, Joanna Haigood, Isabelle Salle & Adolfo Vargas, Susan M. Prins, and Polly Motley – in Music – Christian Meyer, Antoine Plante, Sonja Zarek, Todd Hammes, Yoko Ono, Joanna Duda, Michael Keck, Rich O’Donnell, Stuart Gerber & Jan Baker, and Klimchak – in Spoken Word – Keith Antar Mason & The Hittite Empire, Sarah Turquety, LeRon McAdoo, Marcus Montogmery & the Writeous Poets - and Visual Arts and Design – Adam Larsen, Nancy Chikarishi, Maya Ciarrocchi, Gail Siptak, Charlie Sartwelle, Anne Skupin, Lisa Shoyer, Maya Geffman, Walter “Chip” Morris and Lucía Hernández López.


Schroeder is known for her site-specific, museum and immersive creations for The Menil Collection, Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtHigh Museum of Art, Atlanta, University of Central Arkansas, Baum Gallery, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Lawndale Art Annex – University of Houston, Diverseworks ArtSpace, Lauren Rodgers Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, Martin Gropius Bau Museum, Berlin, Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Varmlands Museum, Karlstad (Sweden). Schroeder’s long-standing relationship with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has led to 12 commissions to exhibitions featuring the work of Sol LeWitt, Diego Rivera, Carlos Cruz-Diez, John Alexander, Pablo Picasso, MoMA’s Heroic Century, the Diane and Bruce Halle Collection of Latin American Art, Jules Olitski, Joseph Havel, Isamu Noguchi, and Dan Flavin. Schroeder has also received 20 site-specific commissions from the Bayou City Arts Festival. 


Additionally, Schroeder is recognized as a leading Arts Activist and Mentor and the Founding Artistic Director of Core Dance. As a contemporary artist and Dance Maker, Schroeder focuses on the creative process, movement research & exploration, and dance-making as a catalyst for social change.

Photo by Jerry Siegel

December 15, 2022

Michael Eckblad

View a recording of our December 15th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guest Michael Eckblad.

Michael Eckblad.jpg
Michael Eckblad

Michael Eckblad is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist whose work spans the performed to the visually formal. Born in Madison, WI, his work has shown nationally and internationally, in galleries, exhibitions, film festivals and publications. He is the recipient of several awards including the George R. Bunker award, holds an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

January 19, 2023

Lori Teague

View the stream of our January 19th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guest Lori Teague.

Lori Teague photo_edited.jpg
Lori Teague

Lori C. Teague develops improvisational scores that invite play, kinesthetic listening, and choice. These processes seek to empower, expand awareness, and build new connections.

Teague continues to ask: How do we live in our body? She frames the ongoing relationship bodies have with societal norms and the distinctive manner in which we survive loss. Her ongoing practice of site-specific improvisational performance strengthens connections to the natural world and explores uninhabited spaces. 

Teague joined the dance faculty at Emory University in 1994 where she teaches modern, improvisation, choreography, dance literacy, pedagogy, contact improvisation, and interdisciplinary courses combining movement and math concepts. She earned an MFA from The Ohio State University and a certification in Laban Movement Studies.  



Artistic Director : Lori C. Teague  


Filmmaker : Ace McColl 


Moving Artists/Collaborators : Alejandro Abarca, Juana Farfán, Tommy Greenler, Merryn McKeough, M Wu 


Original Music : Kendall Simpson   

Daguerréotype: 1 Gabrielle by Olivia Belli 


“This work was commissioned by Core Dance in 2022"

February 9, 2023

Morning class instructors: Julio Medina & Professora Dandhara

View the stream of our February 9th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guests Julio Medina and Professora Dandhara

Julio Medina

A first-generation Chicano from South Central Los Angeles, Medina’s artistry is rooted in a deep curiosity to understand the complex layers of community, resilience, and connection.  Medina has performed nationally and internationally with David Rousséve/REALITY, Kevin Williamson, and Cheng-Chieh Yu. Medina is an Assistant Professor at Emory University. When not dancing, Julio enjoys boxing, yoga, and chilling with his dogs Zy and Thor.  

Professora Dandhara

Dandhara, known in Capoeira as “Dani”, started training Capoeira in 2001 in Londrina, Brazil. She is one of the head kids teachers and administrators at Capoeira Maculele Decatur. Her passion and enthusiasm is motivational and inspiring for students of all levels, from children to adults. Dandhara is a Business Analyst and Portuguese Translator with 7+ years of experience.

Professora Dandhara traveled to many Capoeira events and holds the title of a 3x World Capoeira champion. In summer 2017 Dandhara received her “Corda Roxa” purple corda in the World Capoeira Games in Brazil. She now continues to train and teach in Downtown Decatur 6days/week to further her skills.

·       2008 Best Female Capoeirista at the World Capoeira Event in Londrina

·       2009 World Capoeira Champion (USA)

·       2011 World Capoeira Champion (USA)

·       2011 First Place at Emory Capoeira University mixed competition

·       2013 Second Place on the “Copa Aberta” advanced competition in Miami, FL

·       2014 “Ela é bonita e Ligeira” main article on the best capoeira magazine (Revista Capoeira)

·       2015 World Capoeira Champion (BRAZIL)

·       2016 First Place at  “O Menino e bom” Solo Tournament

·       2017 3rd Place at the World Capoeira Open Games in Brazil

Professora Dandhara also works as a volunteer teaching capoeira in Decatur and around the world with our local Georgia non-profit – – World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation. 

Professora Dandhara photo by Brook Hewitt.jpg

March 16, 2023

Amador Artiga

View the stream of our March 16th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guest Amador Artiga. 

Amador Artiga.jpg
Amador Artiga

Amador Artiga is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in visual dramaturgy, design, and production of video scenes, digital scenography, and installations for performing arts. 


For more than 10 years, he has been creating visuals, being in charge of the design and content creation, and going hand in hand with the director in his or her creative journey. 


His priority is understanding, embracing, and transforming concepts and ideas into the visual world. He is in love with movement no matter the form it takes, that’s why you can see pieces going from live action to motion graphics passing by stop motion, the tool is just a tool the matter is the message. 


He has worked in Spain, France, and Czech Republic for private companies and government institutions, maintaining absolute love and dedication in every project, no matter the size of it. 

April 20, 2023

Roie Avidan and Maya Gelfman

View the stream of our April 20th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Elizabeth Labbe-Webb with our Artists in Residence Roie Avidan and Maya Gelfman.

Maya Gelfman.jpg

Read more about Roie and Maya here.

May 18, 2023

Loren McFalls

View the stream of our May 18th, 1830EST: Artists Talk featuring Sue Schroeder with guest Loren McFalls.

Loren McFalls

Loren McFalls is a choreographer as well as a teaching & performing artist for both stage and film. She grew up training at the Rock School in Philadelphia, Lawrenceville School of Ballet, and Buford School of Ballet. Loren was a company member of both Southern Ballet Theater & Georgia Christian Dance Theater. She attended Drexel University on a dance performance scholarship where she became a member of the Drexel Dance Ensemble and was fully immersed in the Philadelphia artists’ scene. After graduating she founded an artists’ collective while teaching and performing in the community. She produced and performed in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, self-produced collective performances as well as coordinated monthly music showcases and a recurring outdoor summer festival. In 2018, Loren moved to Los Angeles for an agency in event production and continued to teach and take classes in Southern California. In 2020 she returned to the city she grew up in and now Loren is both a teaching artist for Atlanta Ballet & Buford School of Ballet. She has volunteered with DanceATL since 2020 and is currently a member and on the Board of Directors after participating in the 2020 A.M. Collaborative program. She is a recurring curator on the 2021 & 2022 A.M. Collaborative programs. Loren has had work featured in the A.M. Collaborative’s showing, Through Deep Waters Festival, Spring for Spring Dance Festival, Zoetic Dance’s MIXTAPE, Full Radius Dance’s MAD Festival, Peace One Day, and Fall for Fall Dance Festival.

Loren McFalls.jpg
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