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For Community Engagement

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Facilitating Pandemic Healing

March 28 - April 8 2022

During March 28 - April 8, 2022, this community-based residency at University of Central Arkansas
will bring to campus a trio of national and international artists: Nigerian fiber artist Gasali Adeyemo, Nigerian drum maker and drummer Akeem Ayanbisi Ayanniyi, and Core Dance led by choreographer Sue Schroeder.

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Dynamic X-Change

Through Dynamic X-Change Healing Arts Program, the teaching artists of Core Dance use dance to teach, to question, to connect, to heal, and to inspire.  Working in partnership with and in service of our communities, this connection of movement and energy cultivates the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of people of all ages. 


1830EST: Artists Talk

1830EST invites viewers to explore art-making practices through the lens of working artists and their creativity. Each episode assembles multiple viewpoints and includes interviews, field recordings, soundscapes and stories representing the diverse creative practitioners within the Core Dance global landscape.


Morning Class at Core Dance

Core Dance opens its doors to the public every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Spanning multiple disciplines, morning class is led by a variety of teachers and provides a space for growth, conditioning, and exploration. Take a class at Core Dance and learn from Atlanta's best. 

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Salon: The Art of Conversation

Salons are gatherings where people talk “big talk,” talk meant to be listened to and perhaps passionately acted upon. Salons are incubators where ideas are conceived, gestated, and hatched. Salons are the frontiers of social and cultural change: they’re cultivating creativity, reviving the art of conversation, and fueling energy to change the world.


Teens Activate

Designed for teens ages 13 - 18 years old. Teens Activate integrates the art forms of spoken word and movement. Teens will activate their ideas under the guidance of professional spoken word artists. 


Curious Minds


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