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Core Dance

Morning Class

Led by established, progressive dance artists, Morning Class is offered to the community for $10 per class.  Registration and payment must be made online before class time. Any questions or concerns, please contact

Morning Class for Fall 2024 includes:

Mondays: Morning Class with Fly On A Wall (various classes & instructors)

Tuesdays: tune-up with Amelia Reiser

Wednesdays: Capoeira with Professor Dandley

Thursdays and Fridays: Contemporary & Traditional Modern Dance Moves with Kristin O'Neal

Saturday Sessions (monthly): Embodied Research and Creative Practice with Ashlee Ramsey & guests


Special guest instructors are noted within the calendar.

Sign up through the calendar below. Click on the date for the registration link.

NOTICE :  Advance registration is required. All attendees must follow the instructions of the class leader with regard to masking. Hand sanitizer is available in the studio and each studio is equipped with a high-powered air cleaner. The HVAC system has also been upgraded to clean and sanitize the air.

Core Dance Morning Class Faculty
Fly on a Wall
Monday Morning Class

Fly on a Wall is an Atlanta based arts platform that supports and creates process and performance. Fly on a Wall aims to provide opportunity, space and resources for artists to create work that responds to, reimagines, and activates the ever-evolving moment within our community. Fly on a Wall values: 

● Art-making that celebrates multiple perspectives, and navigates new boundaries. 

● Supporting artists that shape and reflect their environment and culture. 

● The commitment to artistic process. 

● Work that invokes possibility, explores form, challenges thought, and expands feeling. 


Fly on a Wall (FOAW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing artists in metropolitan Atlanta with a platform for continued growth, innovative performance, and artistic expression. Founded in 2014, the organization has rapidly evolved to become a significant resource for experienced artists looking to hone their craft and for young artists to ignite their creative spark. 


FOAW offers valuable opportunities for arts education, allowing artists to improve their talents and build confidence in their abilities. The organization aims to change and innovate the way the world views artistic creation and expression. 


FOAW fosters an environment where artists across various mediums can connect, create, and collaborate. These mediums include dance, multimedia performance, and installation. The organization offers a variety of efforts to help artists showcase their work, develop their abilities, and engage the community in the artistic process. 


Fly on a wall is supported in part by The Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, the Georgia Council for the Arts, and the Fulton County Arts Council. 

Photo by Christina J. Massad

Fly On A Wall by Chrsitina Massad.jpg

Class Description: Coming soon!

Amelia Reiser.jpg
Amelia Reiser

Atlanta based creator, performer, and movement facilitator Amelia Reiser was raised on the Osage Plains of Central Oklahoma. She attended The University of Georgia, earning a BFA in Dance Performance (2011). Amelia was a founding member of Skwhirlhaus collective in Atlanta, GA (2012-2016) alongside Maryn Whitmore, choreographing, performing and helping curate an annual series of works from emerging and established artists. Her most recent choreographic work includes ditto (2024) a duet in collaboration with Kathleen Wessel, The Games We Play (2023) commissioned by The University of Georgia’s Department of Dance, and thread b a r e (film, 2021) presented at HomeTraining: an experiential gallery show (Atlanta, GA) and Elephant Gallery: Quilty Pleasures (Nashville, TN).  

Over many years of performing and creating, Amelia has had the profound opportunity to work with numerous dance-makers and artists including T Lang Dance, Nick Cave, Maryn Whitmore, Erik Thurmond, Christina Noel Reaves, Tara Hemmer, Lesley Wingfield, Emily Christianson, Sara Santamaria, Lucy Smith, and Greg Catellier (Catellier Dance Projects!). Amelia was a collaborative company member, teacher, and performer with staibdance (George Staib) in Atlanta, GA (2013-2023) 

In addition to dance making and performing, Amelia creates dance films, is a published writer, and has an active textiles practice. Amelia teaches yoga at local studios, and is a trauma informed yoga and mindfulness teacher working with incarcerated youth through local nonprofit Centering Youth. Amelia is the first Atlanta based instructor of Dance Church®, an fun and inclusive dance party/movement class for all people, founded by choreographer and performer Kate Wallich. 

Class Descriptiontune-up is physical tuning, a group fitness practice for professional movement artists to collectively work towards individual optimal working conditions for strength in performance, safety, and longevity. 


This practice is formed of spokes taken from all of the wheels (strength training, physical therapy, cardio, yoga, classical dance forms, rituals…) that we have rode around on for years, and now welded together into another version. 


sweat, strengthen, crack open  

Professor Dandley

With more than 20 years of experience training and teaching capoeira, Professor Dandley, a member of Capoeira Maculelê and a capoeira world champion has helped to build a strong and energetic community of students that reflects the rich physical, social, mental, and spiritual elements of the art. Professor Dandley has taught capoeira for over 15 years. His approach encourages discipline, focus, and respect in students and immerses them in Brazilian music, language, and culture. His belief in the positive, lasting impact of capoeira on all aspects of a capoeirista's life permeates his classes.

Class Description: These are ongoing classes where anyone can join, no previous experience necessary. It covers all aspects of Capoeira; martial-arts, dance, music, acrobatics, culture, language and more. It focuses on developing the students rhythm, reflexes, balance, coordination and increasing strength and flexibility as they learn. All the necessary skills are taught in class.


We recommend this class for anyone wanting to start in the art of Capoeira. Class prepares each student at their own pace to join into our beginner Capoeira lessons in which they will start getting a better understanding of the art. You will work on basic steps of Capoeira; Ginga, Esquivas, Attack / Defence / Counter-attacks, dance elements, musical skills, and basic acrobatics. Should you wish to go further than just basics, you should then join our Beginner class to start progressing through the different levels of Capoeira. Capoeira is a great form of fitness and exercise that works not only your whole body, but also your mind.​

Professor Dandley.jpg
Kristin O'Neal by Christina Massad.jpg
Kristin O'Neal
Contemporary & Traditional Modern Dance Moves

Kristin is a Dance Lecturer at Emory University (Atlanta) and teaches contemporary modern technique at Core Dance (Decatur, GA) for intermediate to professional dancers.  Kristin is an avid practitioner of Contact Improvisation and organizes CI workshops, classes and jams for the Atlanta Community.   Kristin also assists in the operations of National Water Dance under the direction of Dale Andree (Miami, FL)—a movement choir that activates artists and their communities to spread water awareness across the nation. Kristin creates and performs solo dances based on the lives of her Grandmothers and Great Aunts, and also co-teaches Contact Improvisation at Emory University with her husband, Greg Catellier, with whom she also collaborates in curious dance-making. 

Photo by Christina J. Massad

Class DescriptionConsidering the weight of our bones to activate deep core muscles, we will invite ease and efficiency into our movement phrasing while conditioning thoughtfully and readying the body for the myriad physical relationships that contemporary modern dance asks of us. We will sense all surfaces of our bodies in contact with the floor, noticing anchor points of stability to find freedom of movement in our joints and in space with others, while sliding, swinging, suspending, falling, pouring, gliding and all the things that inspire us along the way.  This class is geared for the intermediate to professional mover. Kneepads and long pants recommended. 

Ashlee Jo Ramsey-Borunov
Saturday Sessions: Embodied Research and Creative Practice 

Grounded in the perspective that dance-making lives in the primal, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness of all humans, Ms. Ramsey-Borunov’s artistic focus centers on collaboration, community participation and making dance available as a creative practice for all people. Ms. Ramsey-Borunov has shown work, performed or taught in North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Arizona, Austria, the U.K. and India. Her experience as an educator includes teaching dance and yoga courses at Elon University, Wake Forest University, Winthrop University, and Salem College, and she holds a teacher certification with DanceAbility International.


Ms. Ramsey-Borunov has been published in the international academic periodical, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (2011) and has presented work or research at the NDEO National Conference, The Fifth Annual Somatic Dance Conference and Performance Festival, and Elon University’s Intersect Diversity and Leadership Conference. Currently working in Atlanta, GA, Ms. Ramsey-Borunov performs and serves as rehearsal director with Full Radius Dance, a physically integrated professional dance company; Beacon Dance, a performing arts collective focusing on issues of social justice, equality and activism; and as a teacher with CORE Dance’s Dynamic X-Change program that connects under-resourced communities with movement and art as mediums for creative expression. 

Ashlee Ramsey.jpg

Class Description: In this monthly workshop we will: Use a variety of sensory, perceptual and creative mediums to generate movement and expand movement vocabulary; dig into reflexive awareness and interpretive processes to translate inner knowing and motives into embodied expression; engage in somatic inquiry to deepen experiential movement potential; use solo and group games to craft movement sequences and small compositions while playing with methods for choreographic design; participate in various feedback and communication methods to witness and discuss work. 

Guest Faculty

Guest Faculty for Fall 2024 Season Coming Soon!

Directions: Our back entrance is accessible by way of North McDonough Street, at the intersection of Trinity Avenue and the Decatur Square. Look for the entrance past Waffle House. 


Parking: The Core Dance Parking lot is a public, paid lot. If you are visiting the Core Dance Studios, there are instructions in the studio for a stipend toward that payment. A portion of your Parking Fee is donated to Core Dance. Core Dance does not have any control over the lot or parking fee enforcement. 


MARTA’s Decatur Station will plop you down right next to us in the Decatur Square. Visit for details on Decatur Station and for train and bus schedules.

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