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Rates: $10 per class, must be registered and paid online before the class time.

Core Dance opens its doors to the public every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Led by established, progressive dance artists, Morning Class is Core Dance’s low-cost classes and workshops for the community. Morning Class offers the opportunity to experience an Artist/Core Dance Faculty's movement practices, investigations and histories. Classes may include somatic, improvisation, and movement technique classes. If dance experience is recommended, it will be denoted on the class webpage.

NOTICE: In light of COVID-19, advance registration is required. All attendees must wear a mask in the building at all times, check temperature upon arrival, and utilize hand sanitizer when entering the building (thermometer and hand sanitizer are present at the entry door). 

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Anna Bracewell-Crowder
90 Minute Moment

Anna Bracewell Crowder is an Atlanta based movement artist. Anna was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and began her dance training at an early age at Decatur School of Ballet. While continuing her classical training at DSOB, she studied and went on to graduate from DeKalb School of the Arts. Anna later received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Georgia. Since 2012, she has had the deep pleasure of working with Staibdance, under the direction of George Staib, where she is in her 9thseason as a dancer, collaborator and teacher.  Anna was also a dance artist with Core Dance from 2012-2020 under the artistic direction of Sue Schroder. Within her time with the comapny, she performed in theaters, museums, public spaces, and festivals across the United States, France, Spain, Israel and Poland. In her time with the company, Anna had the opportunity to move and create original works with notable artists such as Niv Shienfeld & Oren Laor (Tel Aviv), Germana Civera (France/Spain), Frank van de Ven (Amsterdam), Amanda K. Miller (Germany/U.S.), Isabelle Saulle & Adolfo Vargas (France), Leslie Scates (U.S.), D. Patton White, Lori Teague and Sue Schroder (U.S.). In her 10 years of dancing professionally in Atlanta, Anna has also created and collaborated with incomparable artists like Kathleen Wessel, Kelly Bartnik, Blake Beckham (The Lucky Penny), Joshua Rackliffe, Erik Thurmond and Catellier Dance Projects!.  


Photo by Paige McFall 

Class Description: Everything is perfect and nothing is perfect. Come to lose yourself, find yourself, turn inside out or outside in… you choose. Expect nothing and everything. Give it over and take it over at the same time but take nothing for granted. Catharsis or a meditation? Which one is it? Through guided games, improvisation, experiments we will attempt to access the unedited. Organize and deconstruct what we know and what we have yet to learn. Crack open. By constantly reaching for stimulation and surprise, can we find and activate what is hidden in each of us?

Mestre Fran

Mestre Fran was born on November 7, 1964 in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil. He started practicing Capoeira at the age of 10, in São Paulo, Brasil with Ronaldo Luis de Lima, better known as Mestre Bradesco of Grupo de Capoeira Conceição da Praia. Mestre Bradesco was responsible for creating a capoeirista strong in every aspect of the fundamentals. In November of 1982, at the age of 18, he arrived in Londrina, Brasil with the dream to disseminate the art of Capoeira to the southern regions of Brasil.

After many years of hard work in Londrina, Sara, Mestre Fran’s wife and a professor, suggested a trip to Salvador, Bahia. In Salvador he met Dona Alice, Mestre Pastinha’s widow and many other capoeira Mestres like Bobó, Caiçara, and Ezequiel. These old “capoeiristas baianos” (capoeiristas from Bahia) showed Mestre Fran the essence of Capoeira and the art of Maculelê. The beat of the drums and the vibration of the beautiful dance-fight impacted Mestre Fran deeply. Upon his return to Londrina, he decided to take all that he learned in Bahia and create his own group. On November 5, 1991 in the city of Londrina, Brasil, Mestre Fran founded the Associaçao Cultural de Capoeira Maculelê or Capoeira Maculelê Cultural Association. Mestre Fran furthered awareness of Capoeira and his group in Londrina by performing as a part of cultural shows and establishing a program to help impoverished children escape the dangers of the streets. His efforts can be seen in his two successful academies around the city as well as in his academies throughout the world.

Mestre Fran’s plans were formulating well in Londrina but his dreams of spreading Capoeira could not rest. This time, his sights were set on the United States. In December 2002, with the help of Steven Alphabet – former Athletic Director for Georgia State University, Mestre Fran became the first Capoeira Mestre in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2003, Mestre Fran was hired by Emory University to start the first capoeira program with students and Emory staff. Here in Atlanta, Mestre Fran has orchestrated Capoeira batizados (or graduations) and has performed at numerous cultural festivals in Downtown Decatur, Piedmont Park, Centennial Olympic Park,  Underground Atlanta, Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Aquarium, State Farm Arena and many more. He has also taught workshops all over the United States (Emory, Georgia State, UT, Harvard, UGA) Brazil, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Since 1982, Mestre Fran and Capoeira Maculelê have worked to promote an organization that values all dimensions of the human being, including the physical, moral, and spiritual. He has focused on awakening the talents of his students, elevating the awareness of society, and encouraging the practice of Capoeira as an art, fight, and a means of social, cultural, and athletic integration. Mestre Fran is constantly researching capoeira and improving his style. He teaches workshops and seminars and attends batizados in Brazil, USA, Europe and throughout the world. He has become eminently respected in Brazil, USA and in the worldwide capoeira community for his contributions to the art and communities.


Today, anyone would agree that Mestre Fran has succeeded in these endeavors. He has taken his passion and shared it with hundreds, maybe thousands, of people all over the world and, unintentionally, Mestre Fran has created a reputation as one of the greatest Capoeira Mestres and maintains international recognition for his accomplishments in the field and teaches regularly throughout Brazil, North America, Europe, Asia, and Colombia.


Class Description: 

These are ongoing classes where anyone can join, no previous experience necessary. It covers all aspects of Capoeira; martial-arts, dance, music, acrobatics, culture, language and more. It focuses on developing the students rhythm, reflexes, balance, coordination and increasing strength and flexibility as they learn. All the necessary skills are taught in class.

We recommend this class for anyone wanting to start in the art of Capoeira. Class prepares each student at their own pace to join into our beginner Capoeira lessons in which they will start getting a better understanding of the art. You will work on basic steps of Capoeira; Ginga, Esquivas, Attack / Defence / Counter-attacks, dance elements, musical skills, and basic acrobatics. Should you wish to go further than just basics, you should then join our Beginner class to start progressing through the different levels of Capoeira. Capoeira is a great form of fitness and exercise that works not only your whole body, but also your mind.

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Wednesdays & Fridays
Kristin O'Neal
Contemporary Modern Technique

Kristin O’Neal is a performer, teacher and choreographer residing in Atlanta, GA. She received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ADF where she began her research of solo performance and character creation. Her character investigations led to an unfolding series of solos inspired by the lives of her grandmothers, Glenna and Dorothy, as well as aunts and great aunts named June, Helen, Diane, Constance and Nell. Many of these solos live in the repertoire of Sarasota Contemporary Dance in Florida. Early in her career while dancing with Gerri Houlihan, Kristin discovered a love of site work alongside choreographers Dale Andree and Heidi Duckler, which led to performances in various sites, including avocado groves, restaurants, galleries, hotels, and any water resource imaginable. Kristin’s long-time relationship with Andree led her to assist in the operations of Andree’s National Water Dance, which first started as the Florida Waterways Dance Project in 2011. Kristin has worked as rehearsal assistant for many visiting artists at the University of Florida and Emory University and worked as rehearsal director for Core Dance in Atlanta. Kristin teaches varying levels of Contemporary Modern, Movement Improvisation, and co-teaches Contact Improvisation at Emory University with her husband, Greg Catellier, with whom she also collaborates in curious dance-making.

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Class Description: We will warm our way from the floor activating a strong core and sturdy base towards verticality while exploring every inch of space along the way-- this involves sliding/gliding, folding/creasing, a juicy relationship with the floor, connection to our breath, discovery of weight and weightlessness, swinging, pouring, falling, flying and anything else that may inspire us on the way...and always, musicality! 

Geared for the intermediate to professional mover who enjoys deepening and clarifying alignment/technique through somatic lenses.

Julio Medina
Contemporary Floorwork and Acrobatics

A first-generation Chicano from South Central Los Angeles, Medina’s artistry is rooted in a deep curiosity to understand the complex layers of community, resilience, and connection. Medina has performed nationally and internationally with David Rousséve/REALITY, Kevin Williamson, and Cheng-Chieh Yu. Medina is an Assistant Professor at Emory University. When not dancing, Julio enjoys boxing, yoga, and chilling with his dogs Zy and Thor.




Photo By Gianna Mercandetti

Class Description: 

This class focuses on flow and efficiency in floor-based acrobatic movement inspired by breaking, capoeira, and house. We will foster a supportive community through somatic warm-ups, technical exercises, improvisation, and movement phrases.


Directions: Our back entrance is accessible by way of North McDonough Street, at the intersection of Trinity Avenue and the Decatur Square. Look for the entrance between Waffle House and DeWoskin Law Firm. If you get turned around, please call our office at (404) 373-4154.

Parking: Due to the very small nature of our parking lot, Core’s lot is limited to Core staff. Please find on-street parking or take MARTA when attending class. (Free on-street parking is available on Electric Ave!) MARTA’s Decatur Station will plop you down right next to us in the Decatur Square. Visit itsmarta.com for details on Decatur Station and for train and bus schedules.