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2023-2024 Season

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Katarzyna Pastuszak & Natalia Chylinska

Natalia Chylińska: In my artistic work, I move at the intersection of body/movement work, text, sound and visual material. My work emerges from an interest in the practice of deepening a consciousness of the body/environment continuum and some theoretical currents, including: posthumanism, queer theory, ecology.

Katarzyna PASTUSZAK: dancer/performer, choreographer and artistic director of Amareya Theatre & Guests, Associate Professor and Lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts (Institute of English and American Studies - University of Gdańsk), member of Between Pomiędzy Research Group (UG); Adjunct Professor

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Marco Casagrande & Nicolò Giorgini

The artistic duo casagrande // giorgini was born in 2019 founded by Marco Casagrande and Nicolò Giorgini. Their first work "CUM-LAEDERE" is selected by the "Residanza B-Side" action of "Movimento Danza" and debuts in the "Resid'And" review of the National Academy of Dance in Rome. Together they participate in the project "Dancescapes-in a Landscape" of the Associazione Danza Urbana, startingthe search for their latest work "DOT". In 2022 this work is selected by “Alloggiando Art Fest”, “Centre for Choreographic development SE.S.TA” (Czech Republic) and by the tender “FLIC25–Spazio ai Giovani!”. They are currently part of the CIMD's "Incubator for future * coreograf *" path.

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Nadya Zeitlin

Since her relocation to Atlanta in 2013, Nadya Zeitlin has presented her solo works in various venues and curated two multi-disciplinary shows. Distinctive features of her work are influenced by her training in movement, theatre, design, and art therapy with teachers from both Western Europe and the United States.In May, 2020 she founded Bautanzt Here, a site-specific dance theatre (from Bau-"build", Tanzt-"dances" in German). The company has been honored to present works commissioned by 7 Stages Theatre, ELEVATE Atlanta Festival (twice), Art on the Atlanta BeltLine and The Hambidge Center.

2022-2023 Season

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Roie Avidan

Roie Avidan (Israel, USA) is a visual poet. His main mediums are photography, poetry, and public-art. He studied physical mindfulness at the Grinberg Method School (2001-2003) and much of his practice, in all mediums, is rooted in that.  Avidan was a prominent manager in the fields of music and performance in Israel. His footprint can be found in many of Israel’s cultural phenomena of the past decade. Images of his works have been featured in the media, both in print and online, as well as in films and on TV....

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Maya Gelfman

Maya Gelfman (Israel, USA) is a multidisciplinary artist. Her main mediums are painting, installation and public-art. A graduate of Shenkar Academy in 2006, she’s since had nine solo exhibitions. She has exhibited at the Israel National Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Haifa Museum of Art, The National Gallery in Bangkok, Art Rooms Art Fair in London, Art Basel Miami, Tama University of Art in Tokyo and more. Her works have been featured in the media, both in print and online, as well as in films and on TV, and published in four international art books (Germany, France, Colombia and England)....

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