4 decades. 135 original works.  Artistic research, social conscience, and an expertise in creating site-specific and museum work.

"The work of Core Dance is always in process. That kind of artistic process is high-level faith and expertise in action.  It is about digging in, work that is exhausting to the soul and body. And brain shaping…consuming…requiring realness.

The work that results from this kind of intense process is deep and still technical.  The Dance Artists in Core Dance define its look and velocity.  The resulting work is one that is ambitious but reaches its mark. It moves along and never loses focus because the whole ensemble has worked so deeply to be in that hour, completely in that hour.”

-letter of love to Core Dance from Leslie Scates, Choreographer/Core Dance Collaborator & Guest Artist

Innovation in dance arises from constantly investigating and experimenting with what’s possible with human bodies in motion.




National Water Dance

National Water Dance is an artist-driven collective of dancers and educators confronting critical water issues facing the United States...

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Planetary Dance

Planetary Dance is an annual dance of healing and community renewal. It brings people of all ages and abilities together in a beautiful setting to dance for a purpose...

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"Manifolds” is a dance performance work about the interconnectedness of human movement, architecture, and dimensions in relation to our human existence.


Heart of the Matter

"Heart of the Matter" is a narrated dance performance for elementary school children, grades 2-5, developed to bring awareness to Anti-bullying and to encourage self-awareness and positive body image

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if... a memoir

Engaging questions of human freedom alongside human limitations and its direct link to the current crisis on our planet, "if… a memoir" is a love song written for humanity...

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Global Water Dances

Global Water Dances uses the art of dance to illuminate water issues, both locally and globally. 

As The Shadows Grow Longer Crop

As the Shadows Grow Longer

 "As the Shadows Grow Longer" has become a meditation on the notion that our lives have meaning because of the relationships we form over the course of a lifetime.

Human Landscapes

Human Landscapes

“Human Landscapes” was choreographed and conceptualized by Germana Civera, with Sound Design by Didier Aschour. It is an embodied reflection on history, memory, travel, encounters, the migration of beings, gestures and stories. 

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American Playground

"American Playground," choreographed by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor and performed by Core Dance, investigates multiple themes including ‘body as resistance’, personal authenticity and the dialogue between public and private spaces.

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Life Interrupted 

Galleries Without Borders

In an unprecedented partnership, Core Dance, and local Dance Artists presented EXPOSED, a six-week festival of richly-layered, boundary-blurring contemporary dance and physical theatre from Israel.

Life Interrupted is a richly-layered, full-length work of contemporary dance, art, and music that draws from the experiences of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent who were interned on American soil during World War II.

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Nevertheless, She Persists

 6 Czech and 6 American Dance Makers participated in a five-week long creative residency. Inspired by the artistic intention of artists and works exhibited in the permanent exhibition,1796–1918: ART OF THE LONG CENTURY.

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The performance deeply illuminates and questions the politicizing of women, echoing the trace(s) of a moment frozen in time within the visual art while offering a live echo/resonance of the unseen, though powerful and impactful, actions and images within the performance.  

walk contemplates the changing nature of the individual within our briskly changing world. The artists of Core Dance under the artistic direction of Sue Schroeder create a performance work, in tandem with the community, in and around an existing labyrinth or one by/for the community. 


Curious Minds