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Global Water Dances

It’s about dance.
It’s about water, our water.
It’s about finding connection
to the environment through
our bodies.

Global Water Dance 2021: 

Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere

Over the past 40 years, Core Dance has engaged in thoughtful dialogue with many issues of importance to our world. As moments, into minutes, into hours and days pass, our planet faces irreversible climate-related damage. At Core Dance, we seek action to advocate on behalf of the natural world and its inherent rights to be honored and protected as living.   


Environmental advocacy is about our daily choices, being honest and responsible for our actions and the effects of those actions on the planet. For Core Dance, it includes sharing important, relevant information with our community in ways that are accessible. Above all, it means acting with a sense of urgency, now, and without hesitation. 

In June 2021, Core Dance will join dance artists and environmentalists on the Big Island of Hawaii for Global Water Dances 2021. Working alongside the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund at Kamilo Point and Hawai’i Environmental Restoration in the lowland rainforest of Keau'ohana, we will experience the environmental crisis first hand and bring our experience and the Call To Action to the Core Dance Community worldwide.

Global Water Dances (GWD) uses the art of dance to illuminate water issues, both locally and globally. It is a model of how to use participatory art-making for environmental education, raising consciousness and bringing people together. Participants and viewers of GWD bring an increased awareness about protecting water supplies.

Core Dance last participated in Global Water Dances in 2019 at the Samúel Jónssons Art Farm, Selárdalur, Iceland. It was free and open to the public.

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Scheudle of 2021 Events

Check back soon for updates on how to participate.

Friday, June 11th

  • 11 am Hawai’i Environmental Restoration - rainforest restoration project / open to public but limited capacity

Saturday, June 12th

  • Kamilo Point / Hawaii Wildlife Fund (beach cleanup) Not public​

 Sunday, June 20th

  • Livestream of GWD compilation  for Summer Solstice 2021