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Questioning the meaning of human existence through connections big and small.

Choreography by Rose Shields in collaboration with Visual Artist, Julia Hill and Core Dance Artists 


"Manifolds” is a dance performance work about the interconnectedness of human movement, architecture, and dimensions in relation to our human existence. The word “manifold” can mean “a whole that unites or consists of many,” “a pipe fitting with several outlets for connecting with other pipes,” or in mathematics, “a continuous geometrical structure having finite dimension.” I question the meaning of our human existence as I look at how the individual and the community connect with the concepts of architecture and dimension, the physical versus the abstract, and the struggle and growth that is life. 


 A note from the choreographer, 

"I'm really interested in how reality appears and changes from person to person according to their unique perspectives. By distorting reality, I hope to spark in people the desire to be ever curious and to not be afraid to learn something new or old."

- Rose Shields

 Rose Shields received her BFA in Dance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2007. She had the privilege to perform with UNCSA’s outreach program The Open Dream Ensemble bringing arts and education to kids all over the southeast. Rose continued helping students be active learners through the use of arts and academic integration when she substitute taught for 3 years in Georgia. She continues to teach dance at Good Moves and teach/perform with Core Dance. Being very energetic herself, Rose enjoys circus arts, climbing trees, and making use of all styles of dance and physical expression. Rose has been energized through performing with Brooks and Company Dance, Bubba Carr, T. Lang, Serenbe Playhouse, and Young Audiences Woodruff Arts Center. She continues to perform with The Imperial OPA Circus and ELEMENT Acrobats and is excited to be dancing with Core Dance for a seventh season! ​

Julia Hill was born in New Orleans, LA in 1983. She studied sculpture at Tulane University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Julia’s work incorporates many different genres, including performance, installation, puppetry, metal fabrication, carpentry, ceramics, drawing, and painting. Her large-scale puppets have been performed at The High Museum, The World of Coca-Cola, The Atlanta Zoo, The Hambidge Center, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and numerous regional parades and festivals. In addition to her studio pursuits, Julia Hill works as an art and technical director, designing and constructing physical components for other artists and productions. She enjoys collaboration, has a passion for facilitating artistic visions, and enjoys repurposing materials and exploring creativity with humans of all ages. Julia Hill lives in Atlanta, GA. 

Meet the Artists

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