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Human Landscapes

The migrations of beings, gestures, and stories.

“Human Landscapes” was choreographed and conceptualized by Germana Civera, with Sound Design by Didier Aschour. It is an embodied reflection on history, memory, travel, encounters, the migration of beings, gestures and stories. Choreographer Germana Civera draws on her family’s own years in exile during the Spanish Civil War to create a multi-sensory performance in which the audience moves throughout the venue, following seven dancers on a migrant journey.

In an age marked by global dispersion and displacement, “Human Landscapes” seeks to address the physical and mental forms of alienation that unite all migrant subjects, regardless of era, culture and circumstances. It focuses on the stories and discourses of migration, the imaginary and poetics of migration and the transmission of exile experiences through history, memory, music, landscapes and choreography.

Human landscapes was performed in Atlanta, Houston, and France. 

Advisory: Human Landscapes contains prolonged periods of full adult nudity.

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