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No Time
To Lose

Photo by Walter C. Apps

In light of the uniqueness of the times we are living within and the importance of the action of creating – the impulse to make and to inspire making – No Time To Lose is a project of “Now”. 

Watch the trailer here.

Watch the full 2021 performance here.

Read the preview and review from ArtsATL.

NTTL is about action - unweighted by extensive discussion.

NTTL focuses on a trajectory of creation to performance.

NTTL Is a call to creative action. Energy is raw, tension is kept high and the artists stay alert and attentive.

NTTL's time limit forces immediacy and a sense of urgency. The work is radical, associative, swift and consistent.

Initiated in 2021, NTTL tool plane in Atlanta/US and included guest artists, Walter Apps, Stephen Earnhart, Humlao Evans, Keith Hennessy, Adam Larsen, Christian Meyer, Kristin Moe, Marcus Montgomery, Sue Schroeder, Laith Stevenson and Elizabeth Labbe-Webb.  

In 2022, NTTL took place in Krakow/Poland and included guest artists Roie Avidan (Israel), Natalia Chylińska (Poland), Juana Farfan (USA/Colombia), Maya Gelfman (Israel), Małgorzata Haduch (Poland), Keith Hennessy (USA/Canada), Aleksandrov Kirill (Poland/Ukraine), Adam Larsen (USA), Barbora Látalová (Czech Republic), Christian Meyer (Germany), Amanda K. Miller (USA), Katarzyna Pastuszak (Poland), Joshua A. Poole (USA), Sue Schroeder (USA) and Sarah Turquety (France).


Roie Avidan.jpg

Roie Avidan is a visual poet. His main mediums are photography, poetry and street-art. Avidan is also a former music manager. He studied physical-mindfulness at the Grinberg Method School (2001-2003) and much of his practice, in all mediums, is rooted in that. Avidan’s solo show at the Tel Aviv/Jaffa Arts & Culture Dept. ran for 18 months in 2017-2018. Group shows include: The Israel Children's Museum, Alfred Gallery, The Red House, 9 Mazza and Base Colors. From 2006-2016 he was a prominent manager in the music and performance industry in Israel. His footprint can be found in many of Israel’s cultural phenomena of the past decade.

His works have been published in dozens of newspapers, magazines and websites, including: The New York-based PaperMag, the London-based Journal, the Montreal-based Art/iculaction Magazine, and the Israeli Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Ynet, Mako and Walla. In 2009 he co-founded (with Maya Gelfman) the global street-art project Mind the Heart!,
which has reached more than 100 cities across 5 continents. The project strives to get audiences to BE HERE NOW through tangible street installations and public interactions.
The project worked in dozens of venues, from the Israel National Museum, Bangkok National Gallery and the National Cathedral in D.C. to back alleys in New York and orphanages in Kenya and Uganda. Other partners include: City of Houston TX, City of Tel Aviv, The Smithsonian D.C., Rice University TX, Hillary Clinton Children's Library in Little Rock AR, Building 98 in Marfa TX, Creative Discovery Museum TN.

NTTL: Roie Avidan

Born and raised in Israel, after dancing with the “Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2,” Ella Ben-Ahoran moved to the USA and lived there for 11 years. She holds a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts, and an MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, FL. In addition, Ella is a Pilates Master Teacher with Pilates Sports Center (LA). In NYC (2004-2010), Ella established her non-profit dance ensemble, in addition to teaching and directing the Pilates studio at the Reebok Sports Club/NY. Her choreographies and video-dances were presented at important venues and festivals around the world. Ella was a guest-teaching artist at the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, Citrus College, Miami-Dade College, Jacksonville University, UC Berkeley, The Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, The Ben-Gurion University, and the school of the New York City Ballet.  

Ella believes in multidisciplinary approach and has been engaged in numerous collaborations; An artistic “Trialogue” with architect Matthias Neumann and video-artist Adi Shniderman, producing numerous projects inside and out of the theatre space. An collaboration with composer/performer Odeya Nini, and an engagement with Neuroscientist, Dr. Asaf Bachrach. Her work, All-Most, a collaboration with Dr. Bachrach, brought to the studio as well as the theater space research practices, and offered – in real time – an experiment that documents physiological and cognitive responses of the dancers as well as the audience to touch and relationships.  

Since returning to Israel in 2010, Ella was a member of the Israeli Choreographers Association, and in 2016 Ella was granted the Schusterman Foundation fellowship as a Resident Artist teaching and creating at Kennesaw State University, in Atlanta, GA. In May 2016, Ella had opened a studio for Pilates and Movement in Tel Aviv, Studio Naim - MAZE, and established Guphologia Ltd., through which she shares her research, curiosity and love for the human body and mind. 

An artistic residency with CoreDance in Poland, 2019, had opened goals for the future as well as being a part as the seed group of the meaningful Roza Project. 

Ella continues to explore her dynamic vision of the body as a manifested vehicle of humanness; Art, philosophy, anatomy, research and therapy render the negotiation between structure, aesthetics, expression, and functionality. Her creative process and teachings are saturated with experiential anatomy, images and conceptual ideas in order to evoke dialogues and encourage well-being through a complex and versatile experience.

NTTL: Ella Ben-Aharon

Natalia Chylinska is an interdisciplinary artist (performance, physical theater, music, white voice singing, paper collage), member of Amareya Theatre & Guests, vice-president of Amareya Art Association; member of “Kalejdoskop. Trójmiejska NieSzkoła Demokratyczna” (Kaleidoscope. Democratic NonSchool) community. 

She graduated with a Master's degree in Cultural Studies (MA thesis entitled “Spacer dźwiękowy - relacje z przestrzenią/w przestrzeni” (Soundwalking - Creating Relationships With/In Space)). 

In the years 2016-2018 she co-created an artistic group called “trzycórki” focused on reinterpreting traditional culture through adaptation and performance of traditional songs from Ukraine and Russia and photography projects. Between 2014-2018 she performed in the physically integrated theatre collective Teatr Razem led by Jarek Rebelinski that included able-bodied performers and intellectually disabled ones.

Since 2019, Chylińska has co-created the project “Independent Without Borders: Pol(s)ka in Japan”. The project gave her the opportunity to work with the Ainu Womenʼs Association (Sapporo) and the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS) run by Prof. Hiroshi Maruyama (Sapporo).

Recent projects/activities (2020/2021): “Anatomy of the Process” (2021) – performance and intermedia artistic project within the framework of the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk, performance 家-逃亡-家 (“Home-Run-Home”, 2020) – Polish-Japanese co-production created within the project “Independent Without Borders: Pol(s)ka in Japan 2020” (co-financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute within the “Cultural Bridges” programme), “Invisible Cities 3.0” performance (2020). 

Natalia Chylińska.JPG
NTTL - Natalia Chylinska
Maya Gelfman (1).jpg

Maya Gelfman is a visual artist. Her main mediums are installation, painting and street-art. A graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2006, she’s since had seven solo exhibitions. The latest at the National Art Gallery, Bangkok and the 8th one is upcoming this coming fall in Vienna, Austria. Group exhibitions include: Israel National Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Haifa Museum of Art, The Herzliya Biennial, Overture Art Fair (Art Basel Miami), Tama University of Art (Tokyo), Ward Nasse Gallery (New York) and Art Rooms (London).

Gelfman’s works have received media attention in print and online, as well as in films and on TV. In 2013 she gave a TEDx talk in Tel Aviv. Gelfman is also an active figure in the global street-art scene, where she is best known for her tangible work and the unique technique of drawing with yarn on walls. In 2015 Paper Magazine named her among the top ten street-artists in Israel, and her works were featured in international art books in Germany and France.

In 2009 she co-founded (with Roie Avidan) the global street-art project Mind the Heart!, which has reached more than 100 cities across 5 continents. The project strives to get audiences to BE HERE NOW through tangible street installations and public interactions. The project worked in dozens of venues, from the Israel National Museum, Bangkok National Gallery and the National Cathedral in D.C. to back alleys in New York and orphanages in Kenya and Uganda. Other partners include: City of Houston TX, City of Tel Aviv, The Smithsonian D.C., Rice University TX, Hillary Clinton Children's Library in Little Rock AR, Building 98 in Marfa TX, Creative Discovery Museum TN.

NTTL: Maya Gelfman
NTTL: Keith Hennessy

Keith Hennessy, is a dancer, writer, choreographer, activist, witch, and teacher. Raised in Canada, living in Yelamu/San Francisco since 1982, he tours internationally. Hennessy’s work is interdisciplinary and experimental, motivated by anti-racist, queer-feminist, and decolonial movements. He engages practices of improvisation, ritual, collaboration, play, and protest to respond to political crises and intense feelings. With a focus on the poetics and politics of relationship, Keith’s recent collaborators include Ishmael Houston-Jones, Snowflake Towers, Brontez Purnell, Nathaniel Moore, Peaches, Meg Stuart, jose e abad, J Jha, Annie Danger, Ryanaustin Dennis, and Gerald Casel. Awards include Guggenheim, USArtist, NY Bessie, Sui Generis, and a few Bay Area Isadora Duncan Awards. Hennessy directs Circo Zero and was a member of Contraband, 1985-1994. Recent gigs include SNDO (Amsterdam), VAC Foundation (Moscow), Impulstanz (Vienna), L'Artère (Québec), Love In (Toronto), FRESH (SF), Earthdance, Ponderosa (Germany), CounterPulse (SF), and Hollins University. Keith has an MFA, Choreography and PhD, Performance Studies, from UC Davis.

Keith Hennessy photo by Robbie Sweeny co

Photo by Robbie Sweeny commissioned by Constance Hockaday, Artists-In-Presidents

Małgorzata Haduch is Polish dancer and choreographer. She graduated at School for New Dance Development in 2004 and at Jagiellonian University with MA in Culture Management (2004). Malgorzata Haduch created several dance performances, among others Whisper in my Eye (2015) produced by Centro de Las Artes de San Luis Potosi in Mexico and “Zona Sgura” produced by the Art Station Foundation in 2009. She is deeply interested in working with live music, therefore her recent project consists of researching conducted composition with Krakow Improvisers Orchestra and dancers. She has collaborated with choreographers David Zambrano in Soul Project PL (2013), Katie Duck, Gabriela Maiorino and theatre directors Dominika Knapik, Marcelo Evelin en Brasil, Dariusz Starczewski, and Martin Inthamoussu in Uruguay. Since 2013 Malgorzata is co-funder of the music Dutch band Help Me To Crash. She has been strongly influenced by the Dutch punk&free jazz scene, where in the last decade she was performing with such excellent musicians as Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Zerang, Andy Moor, among others. In Poland she performed with musicians: Marcin Masecki, Paulina Owczarek, Ksawery Wójciński, Rafał Mazur. In 2012 she founded Free The Dance platform focused on music dance improvisation. Malgorzata has been supported by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland, Mexican Embassy and several times by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – Polish Culture Worldwide program. She teaches Flying Low technique, composition and improvisation.

NTTL: Malgazorta Haduch
NTTL: Adam Larsen
Adam Larsen photo by Dathan Brannon.jpeg

Photo by Dathan Brannon

Adam Larsen has designed video projections for over 200 productions in Theatre, Dance, Symphony and Opera. Projects have ranged from intimate to extravagant and have appeared both on Broadway and in many of the major venues across the country. Adam’s multifaceted work has led to collaborations with leading voices in Symphony and Opera including fifteen projects with conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, three with composer John Adams, as well as projects with Joni Mitchell, Janelle Monae, and Esperanza Spalding. Notable designs include Hal Prince’s LoveMusik on Broadway; Missy Mazzoli’s Breaking The Waves at Opera Philadelphia and the Prototype Festival; Lee Breuer’s The Gospel at Colonus at the Athens, Edinburgh, and Spoleto festivals; Esperanza Spalding's 12 Little Spells national tour; Watermill at the BAM Next Wave Festival; Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle at the Singapore and Edinburgh festivals; the direction and design for a semi-staged production of Bartók's Bluebeard's Castle at the Houston Symphony; David Lang's Prisoner of the State at the New York Philharmonic; Bernstein’s Mass at the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Lincoln Center; Britten’s Peter Grimes, Bernstein’s On the Town, Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov, as well as all seven seasons of the SoundBox series at San Francisco Symphony.

In addition, Adam has directed two feature length documentaries about disability. His first, Neurotypical, about autism from the perspective of autistics, premiered on the PBS series P.O.V and his second, Undersung, about caregivers of severely disabled family members, is available on Amazon.

Jadwiga Majewska is a freelance dance critic and theoretician but she also writes about theatre, fine arts and religion. She holds MA in religious studies from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, where specialized in modern art. She publishes mostly in Didaskalia and Teatr, and collaborates with TVP-Kultura. She has experience in working for The National Museum in Krakow, American theatre in Chicago, art restoration, and as a director manager of charity foundation. She is also active workshops’ leader and lectures on dance at the Jagiellonian University.


Co-author of first in the history “The Report on Dance in Poland” (for the Ministry of Culture) and author of the book (in English) on current Polish dance scene The Body Revolving the Stage. New Dance in New Poland (2011). She does editing works and publishes articles popularizing contemporary dance. Engaging her time to be jury member of festivals and dance contests, moderator, dramaturge, curator. She is recently working as a curator and moderator of some international and EU artistic and educational projects, curator of The Festival of Contemporary Dance KRoki (STEPS) in Krakow. Born in Krakow she resides there mostly but she had her home also in: London, Rome, Chicago, Seattle; Buffalo.


As a Polish Ministry of Culture fellow 2011 she edited two anthologies of dance writings: Polish and international (to be published in 2013). She is currently working on translation of “Terpsichore in Sneakers” by Sally Banes into Polish. She is editor of the new series of dance books in PWM publishing House.


She is co-founder of Open Forum of Dance Communities. She is a member of the Council for Dance Program of The National Institute of Music and Dance and member of Dance Critics Association and Congress of Research in Dance. She is an author and curator of MAKT (Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism), first and the only one of that kind in Poland.

Jadwiga Majewska
NTTL: Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer Close up photo by Arata

Christian Meyer is a Berlin-based composer / musician / photographer. He is a prize winning creator of scores for movies, commercials, dance-theatre, concerts and performances. He also builds sound installations and photography exhibitions. and

Amanda K. Miller first came to Germany in 1979, working at Deutsche Oper Berlin and Fabrik Rakete. In 1984, she joined Ballett Frankfurt under the direction of William Forsythe. She was a principal dancer, collaborator and resident choreographer. In 1992 Amanda Miller founded Pretty Ugly Dance Company, an international inter-disciplinary performing ensemble. 1997-2004, Ballett Freiburg/ Pretty Ugly existed- a unique collaboration with the civic theatre and city of Freiburg, Germany. In 2004-2009 Pretty Ugly relocated to Cologne, Germany prettyugly/tanzkoln. She has worked with a myriad of musicians, ensembles and orchestras; Arto Lindsay, Fred Frith, Margaret Leng Tan, Heiner Goebbels, John Zorn, Ensemble Modern, Mondriaan String Quart, Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Köln and others. She has created work for internationally renowned ballet and contemporary dance companies. In 2000 the improvisational dance group, Yummydance, was initiated and formed in Matsuyama, Japan.


In 2017, she received her MFA in dance performance at Hollins University, Roanoke VA. She continues to work as a free-lance choreographer, opera director, instructor, performer, and creates inter-disciplinarian improvisational workshops. Increasingly she introduces others in her work process, amanda science, whether she choreographs for dance ensembles, universities, regional colleges, community institutions or workshops. Exclusivity does not exist in amanda science.

NTTL: Amanda K. Miller
Katarzyna Pastuszak.JPG

Katarzyna Pastuszak is a Doctor of Arts, dancer, performer, director, and Artistic Director of Amareya Theatre & Guests (Gdańsk), president of Amareya Art Association; theatre and dance researcher, Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS); academic teacher (University of Gdańsk); dance and theatre pedagogue. In 2014, her doctoral dissertation Ankoku butō Hijikaty Tatsumiego – teatr ciała-w-kryzysie was published as a book. She is the author and translator of academic articles on dance and theatre (her translations have been published in, among others, the XXI volume of “Studia Choreologica” and Świadomość ruchu. Teksty o tańcu współczesnym edited by Jadwiga Majewska). Since 2017, she has regularly cooperated with the Ainu Womenʼs Association (Sapporo) and the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS) run by Prof. Hiroshi Maruyama (Sapporo), creating performances with the participation of Ainu women and working to support and empower ethnic minorities. In 2019, she initiated the project Independent Without Borders: Pol(s)ka in Japan that received financial support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the “Cultural Bridges” programme in 2019–2021. A holder of multiple scholarships granted by the City of Gdańsk. In 2015, she was awarded the prestigious “Młoda Polska” scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for the realisation of the artistic project Kantor_Traces. In the same year, she was nominated for the prestigious “Splendor Gedanensis” award for her direction of Nomadic Woman – a performance presented, among others, in Greenland, Japan and Turkey.

In 2019, the performance Four – a co-production of Amareya Theatre and A Part Theatre, selected for the main programme of the Polish Dance Platform 2019 (Gdańsk). In 2019, she participated in the three-week artistic residency project entitled “Project Poland”, organised by CORE DANCE (USA). This three-week artistic residency took place in Sichów and was carried out under the artistic leadership of Sue Schroeder and attended by 20 artists from Poland, Israel and the USA.  

Recent projects/activities (2020/2021): Anatomy of the Process (2021) – performance and intermedia artistic project within the framework of the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk, performance 家-逃亡-家 (Home-Run-Home, 2020) – Polish-Japanese co-production created within the project “Independent Without Borders: Pol(s)ka in Japan 2020” (co-financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute within the “Cultural Bridges” programme), Invisible Cities 3.0 performance (2020). She also regularly gives movement workshops for people with Parkinsonʼs disease and Amareya_LAB workshops.  

NTTL: Katarzyn Pastuszak

Joshua Poole 

With a long academic and career history as an artist and curator, Joshua Poole works both nationally and internationally to create connectivity between people, places and art. For more than a decade, Joshua has immersed himself more deeply and purposely in the global arts community. He currently serves as the Assistant Director and Curator for the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Texas, an exhibition forum/museum for local, national, and international artists, with an emphasis on fine arts that reflects the cultural diversity of Houston’s communities.  


Building relationships and creating encounters with institutions and artists is foundational to Joshua’s vision as a curator. His curatorial eye and aesthetic are built through time spent alongside artists - in their studios visits witnessing their creative process and the creation of art.  Joshua forges connections between and with artists from varied institutions, projects and programs, in order to advance their work and create intersectionality within the field of art.


A life-long practitioner and advocate of all mediums of art, Joshua Poole has championed the career path of hundreds of artists. He has initiated numerous projects and exhibitions that weave his passion for and practice of Art Activism including collaboration and production on Democracia’s ORDER, an opera presented in three acts that seeks to radically critique the conventions and injustices of capitalism..  Joshua’s unique background and perspective drives his responsiveness to and within the current arts environment/ecosystem.   


With a felt responsibility to extend his vision, access and reach of art beyond his immediate community, Joshua co-founded Roza - Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Art and Cooperation in Krakow Poland in 2018.  Housed in a historically relevant manor house near Krakow, an area richly steeped in culture and history, the Centre fosters an atmosphere of holistic learning, study and practice of art. Conceived as a “living laboratory” dedicated to creation and intersectionality, Roza serves to erase the boundary between artist and spectator, organically extending Joshua’s vision to create connectivity between people, places and art. 

IMG_3565 (1).jpg
NTTL: Joshua Poole
PYP_1520_low res.jpg

Idan Schein is a creator of diverse structures of various scales. Practicing as an architect, he has a former training as a painter, and an immense passion for sculpting and design.  His work portrays a thorough attention to concept and details, striving to arrive at solutions which are architecturally, socially and intellectually coherent. 


Sustainability, contextuality that relates to place and time, and a devotion to articulate a clear effect, are all foundational ground of his practice.  The more urban scale projects he creates are not primarily aiming at object making, but of generating social engagements, shaping the right conditions for vital human meetings and interactions.  


Idan holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture, and BArch from the University of Liverpool, UK.  He formerly had worked in the UK at RMJM and BCA, and in Israel in Ram Karmi Architects,  Aviram Rosenberg Architects and Stability Studio, as a senior architect.

NTTL: Idan Schein
NTTL: Sue Schroeder

Photo by Simon Gentry

In over 40 years of work in the arts, Sue Schroeder has created more than 110 original dance works for theaters, museums, green spaces, architectural works, and water environments. Her work has appeared throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Israel, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Guatemala, and Hungary. Schroeder’s multidisciplinary vision has led to collaborations with major voices in dance, music, spoken word, visual arts and design.

Additionally, Schroeder is recognized as a leading Arts Activist and Mentor and the Founding Artistic Director of Core Dance. As a contemporary artist and Dance Maker, Schroeder focuses on the creative process, movement research & exploration, and dance-making as a catalyst for social change. Her Arts Activism practices have developed through her longtime membership – 35+ years – and association with Alternate ROOTS. Notable community action and engagement can be found in her projects such as:

  • The Teacher Training Institute (TTI), a training program established to develop best practices to teach dance and kinetic learning in community-based settings.

  • Dynamic X-Change Healing Arts Program (DXC), working in support of those living in challenging situations and oftentimes isolated because of their circumstances – dealing with abuse, homelessness, language barriers, refugee status, aging, AIDS.


The creation and commission of such works as:

  • if…a memoir, an exploration into the inseparable connection between our humanity, the earth and our future


  • Human Landscapes, addressing immigration, exile, and the current refugee crisis.


Schroeder is a veteran teaching artist having fulfilled residencies in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and Arizona She holds a BA from the University of Houston and an MFA in Theater Arts with a dance and anthropology concentration from the University of Arizona at Tucson.

Sue Schroeder photo by simon gentry.jpg
Sarah Turquety one day photo.jpg

Sarah Turquety lives and works as a poet, performer and community activist in St Michel de Vax, France. She creates situations of observation to seek a tipping point. She is attached to singular languages, to their additions forming a common, to name the unspeakable. Her last 3 performances are involving bodies, language in communities. In 2016, with Pourtours, she proposes to undo collective and personal situations of blindness, and thus, to connect. received a writing grant from the french state in 2016. In 2018, Script-Album, a creative and collective research about impact, body and language, won a grand by Les Ateliers Médicis. In 2020, she worked on Si tout se resserre, a performance questioning the notion of territory, of belonging.

In parallel, she is acting with others artists, musicians, performers, dancers. Since 2012, she has been involved in her territory, in the south-west of France - performances, actions, sensitive politics - through a company called Sonnets 3 fois.
She has been leading poetry workshops since 2006. From 2008 to 2018, she has made extensive research, writings, declamations, workshops and actions with young migrants of primary schools and secondary schools in the northern area of Toulouse, France. She apprehends the projects in their territorial and social dimension, by integrating the plurality of languages and cultures.
She also holds a Masters’s Degree in the profession of the book from University Mendès- France in Grenoble, France, a degree in modern literature from University Valéry, Montpellier, France and training courses as a facilitator of writing. She is currently in her third year of training to become an Alexander Technique teacher (ATI). 

Sarah Turquety
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