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home offers an enduring gift of reminding us how art becomes a lens on the world, on space and on time — a pinhole through which we are able to magnify the significance of our world, what we build and eventually leave behind.

home, the entwined vision and collaboration of Adam Larsen (filmmaker) and Sue Schroeder (dancemaker), exists within a metaphorical context, connecting the foundations of human existence — home, the body and nature — as inextricably linked, and acts as a record of a search for truth and the native beauty of reality. Using the architectural constructs of a home to inspire and awaken context, our relationship to the earth and one another are experienced viscerally through the integration of film, architecture and the moving body. Illustrated as a large arc, our story stretches between finding and losing oneself, reflections on the places we call home, with an emphasis on nature in human nature.

Filmed in France and Poland with an international community of dance artists, home is a cinematic exploration of the enduring qualities of “home” through the body and in nature as the physical structure of the house erodes away. The film premiered in France in conjunction with a live performance installation on October 15th at l'abbaye de Beaulieu, both  inside and on the grounds. The installation brought moments of the film to life as three-dimensional tableaus throughout l’abbaye, physically immersing audiences in the essence - textures and movement of home. 

The Creators
Concept and Direction

ADam Larsen photo by Piotr W (1).jpg

Adam Larsen (Director/Cinematographer) is an artist and filmmaker based in Asheville, NC. He has designed video projections for over 200 productions in Theatre, Dance, Symphony and Opera. Projects have ranged from intimate to extravagant and have appeared both on Broadway and in many of the major venues across the country. Adam has directed two feature length documentaries about disability. His first, Neurotypical, about autism from the perspective of autistics, premiered on the the PBS series P.O.V and his second, Undersung, about caregivers of severely disabled family members, is available on Amazon.


Sue Schroeder (Director/Choreographer) has created more than 110 original dance works for theaters, museums, green spaces, architectural works, and water environments in over 40 years of her work in the arts. Her work has appeared throughout the United States and internationally including Mexico, Israel, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Guatemala, and Hungary. Schroeder’s multidisciplinary vision has led to collaborations with major voices in dance, music, spoken word, visual arts and design.


Additionally, Schroeder is recognized as an Arts Activist and Mentor and the Founding Artistic Director of Core Dance. As a contemporary Dance Maker, Schroeder focuses on the creative process, movement research & exploration, using dance-making as a catalyst for social change.

Collaborating Artists

Christian Meyer Photo by Thomas Nitz.jpg

Christian Meyer (Composer) is a Berlin-based, award winning composer and musician. His work and collaborations span a wide array of mediums, genres, and cultures. He has composed scores for films, commercials, and dance/theatre, created sound installations and video art. Christian has performed live both in interactive choreography and narrative pieces, as well as the more traditional music performance/venue around the world. In addition to his sound work, Christian explores visual creativity with his fine art photography work. /

Photo by Thomas Nitz

Coralie Neuville (Performer) is a dancing artist that is very inspired by the theatricality of movement, contact dance, somatic practices and the movement of life. She seeks to inscribe dance in her daily movement and for her, the dance and the improvised movement reveal the roughness of the body and the unknowns of life that take place. Self-taught, she chooses to train with choreographers such as Thierry Bae, Alice Gervais Ragu, Julyen Hamilton, Antonia Pons Capo, and Julie Nioche. She follows the training course "Towards a Plural Actor" at the Ring Theater and prolongs her desire to transmit by receiving the pedagogical training for the State Diploma of Contemporary Dance of the CND of Lyon. Today, she nourishes her research around the BMC (Body Mind Centering) with Anne Expert and the training “Matières". For Coralie, dance is a thread, a connection between people, a meeting point and a tool for care and knowledge of one's space with oneself and with others. Both in her artistic and pedagogical work, she strives to ensure that listening to one's body and leaning on one's internal movement generates and anchors a powerful presence. She seeks to find the sufficient distance to the rigor of the body and to open oneself to the “games” by supporting and meeting one's "I" by creating spaces for playful compositions. In 2012, she joined poet Sarah Turquety as co-Creators of the association "Sonnets 3 Fois". Her recent endeavors include serving as Guest Artist for the festival of the city of Gaillac "Chuchote moi ta poésie" in March 2022 and in collaboration with Caroline Vilmot, she animates the group of young people "Graines de programmateurs" for the summer of Vaour in 2021-22.

Coralie Neuville .JPEG

Elodie Rivalan (Editor), French editor and director, likes to work with her hands as well as her head. She holds a master's degree in cinema and has over 10 years of professional experience in television and cinema to show for. She enjoys writing, creating original scenarios and inventing meaningful moving images along with Marie Aubry.

Gilad Jerusalmy (Performer) Is an independent dancer and creator for stage and media, studied at “SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance” Austria and “Maslool – Professional Dance Program” Tel Aviv-Jaffa and “Hakvutza” (“The Group”) – School for Movement and Dance for Adults, Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Gilad works as a dancer at Emanuel Gat Dance company (France), and with different choreographers in Israel and abroad including: Arkadi Zaides, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Dana Ruttenberg, Rachel Erdos, Olivia Court Mesa and others. His works “EARTH (female)”, “Separation Pangs”, “Pil-Pilon”, “PENETRATION' and “Kittens&Puppies” premiered in Israel between the years 2017-2021. Gilad teaches floor work for different companies, creates his own works for dance programs and gives movement classes for infants and their parents. / @giladjer

Gilad Jerusalmy photo.JPEG
Juana FArfan photo.jpg

Juana Farfan (Performer) is an independent artist and dance educator based in Atlanta, Georgia, originally from Bogota, Colombia. She has been creating and performing in the Atlanta dance community since 2002, as well as being an arts curriculum integration and dance teacher.

Katarzyna Pastuszak (Performer) is a dancer/performer, choreographer, Artistic Director of Amareya Theatre & Guests, adjunct and lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts (IAiA - University of Gdańsk), member of Between.Pomiędzy Research Group (UG) and member of CEMiPoS (Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies, Sapporo). Holder of numerous artistic scholarships, her performances were presented, among others, in Japan, Greenland, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Germany, France and Poland. She also collaborates with Ainu Women's Association (Sapporo) - artistic projects with Ainu women and with Park ON Association (Poland) - conducting dance workshops for Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.02.18 AM.png

Marie Aubry (2nd Camera / Graphic Designer - FRANCE), French illustrator and graphic designer, likes experimenting all kinds of mediums.With a background of over 10 years in applied arts, graphic design and photography, she seeks the strength of detail in handcrafted illustration as well as in the technicality of graphic design and video making along with Elodie Rivalan.

Natalia Chylińska (Performer) is an interdisciplinary artist (performance, physical theatre, visual art, music/voice), and member of Amareya Theatre & Guests. Her recent projects/ activities include: (2022): home” project (Sue Schroeder/Adam Larsen), NTTL (Sue Schroeder/roza centre), Site Yizkor (Maya Ciarrocchi, Andrew Conklin/ roza centre); (2021): performance “Anatomie” (Chylińka/Pastuszak, premiere: 2021, Tokyo), “Requiem for Ainu and Kamuy” (Amareya Theatre & Guests), „W ramach tańca: Wrzeszcz” (polka dot); (2020): performance 家-逃亡-家 (“Home-Run-Home”, 2020), performance “Invisible Cities 3.0”. Her artistic interests include: sound studies, post-anthropocentric discourse, everyday life, ecofeminism, (non)memory and body/queer-body colonised body.

Natalia Chylinska photo.jpg
Sarah Turquety photo.jpg

Sarah Turquety (Performer) is a French poet and performer. She works to suspend the automation of the body and language to allow the emergence of the unpredictable, a new or renewed language, the disruption of power relations. Her tools are writing, improvisation, physical engagement and creating situations. Her last 3 performances are involving bodies, language in communities : Si tout se resserre (2020), Script-album (and website, 2018), (2016). Since 2012, she has been involved in her territory, in the south-west of France - performances, actions, sensitive politics - through a company called Sonnets 3 fois. She is supported by various institutions and art centers, in France and other countries.

Thierry Sterckval (Performer) was born in Brussels in 1966 and graduated from Antwerp Jazz Studio (electric bass). Thierry is a Musician, welder, motorcycle customizer, lighting designer, tool restorer. Always moves, reflects, creates.

Thierry Sterckval.jpg
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