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Join Marco Casagrande & Nicolò Giorgini, Core Dance Artists In Residence, for an intimate experience of the creative process.


Core Dance Studios


139 Sycamore Street, on the Square in Downtown Decatur


Monday, January 29th, from 6:30-8:00pm

The Art of Conversation

Salons are incubators where ideas are conceived, gestated, and hatched. Salons are the frontiers of social and cultural change: they cultivate creativity, revive the art of conversation, and fuel energy to change the world. Salons are gatherings where people talk “big talk,” talk meant to be listened to and perhaps passionately acted upon.


An important reason for a salon is to practice creativity in a setting where one needn’t fear judgment of his/her/their efforts. Conversation is the way we convey information, inspire each other, and achieve understanding. Conversation is the way we challenge, amuse, and amaze each other.

Core Dance began offering Salon: The Art of Conversation in 2002. Salon conversation presents the opportunity to practice 3 kinds of tolerance: tolerance of different ideas, tolerance of how others treat you, and tolerance of idiosyncratic personalities. Learn that it is okay to have divergent points of view—that in fact, the best discussions are the ones in which we differ the most. When people truly reveal themselves, even while disagreeing, they discover commonalities that bring them together in a powerful way.

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