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Dynamic X-Change

Dynamic: energy or power in motion
   X: the unknown factor in any equation
       Change: to become different, to be transformed  

Through Dynamic X-Change Healing Arts Program, the teaching artists of Core Dance offer dance as a tool to teach, to connect, to heal, and to inspire.  Working in partnership with and in service of our communities, this connection of movement and energy cultivates the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of people of all ages. Careful attention to human needs, years of teaching experience, and a finely attuned sense of the stories our bodies have to tell informs and guides the process. What results for the participants – community members and Core Dance Teaching Artists - is change in their lives that is grounded in their bodies and derived from creative interpretation of life and its array of experiences through movement The substance and depth inherent in working with and alongside our community provide unfeigned inspiration and supports Core Dance’s art making processes in increasingly authentic and relevant ways, completing the X-Change. 

Since 1993, Core Dance has activated Dynamic X-Change in support of those
living in challenging situations and oftentimes isolated because of their circumstances –
dealing with abuse, aging, disability, homelessness, language barriers, refugee status.

This season, Teens Activate is an offering, specific for teens, within our Dynamic X-Change Program. For more information, please contact or view the video below.

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