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The application process is now closed.

Check back for future opportunities.

The mission and intent of Core Dance is to support the creation of new and original art through the genre of dance and to actively advance the field of contemporary dance. Foundational to this is the support of independent Dance Makers. Core Dance is made up of independent Dance Makers and from our earliest days, we have engaged their professional development through experiences, trainings and travels. Informed by 40 years of history and practice and considering the implications of the recent pandemic on the independent artist, Core Dance is choosing to engage in a new structure of support to meet the times. The Core Dance Resident Artist Program allows us to devote ourselves to supporting

Core Dance Artists as independent artists in and of their own right.  

Core Dance focuses on artistic research and defines artistic research as research conducted with artistic practice as its base and artistic practice as its object. It is research conducted by artists, who research within and through the arts to extend the knowledge of the artistic process and production. Artistic methodologies are applied and the culmination is presented in a performance, a concert or an exhibition, a text or a mixture of different media. The research can take place within groups with cross-disciplinary and/or scientific competences or as a solitary effort. The process and outcomes are documented and made available for peers/colleagues for an exchange of views and critical dialogue. By doing this we influence the development not only of our competence and knowledge, of the performances and other artistic representations, but of society’s attitude toward art.


  • Stipend based 18-month residency followed by 2-year cycles thereafter. Artists may re-apply at the end of each cycle.

  • 45-work week agreement over 18-months 

  • The 45 weeks include 30 weeks devoted to Core Dance produced work and programming/15 weeks for personal artistic practice

  • $30K USD Artist Fee for 18-month period 

    • Successful Artist/Applicants should demonstrate: 

      • A strong background in artistic research, investigation, collaboration and community and the making of new and original dance/performance work

      • Passion and ability/capacity to devote 30 weeks to Core Dance in house work/commission(s), including tours AND 15 weeks to own artistic work/practice/projects

      • Availability to accommodate 9am-5pm work day and flexibility for touring 

    • Additional Responsibilities​​​:

      • Premiere new work as part of Annual Resident Dance Artist Production or Series

      • Teach up to 36 classes as part of Core Dance tours, outreach or morning classes

      • Participation in at least 1 Core Dance Lunchtime in the Studio

      • Guide and Direct 1 Core Dance Lunchtime in the Studio event 

      • Participate in Quarterly Resident Dance Artist Meetings including Orientation Retreat 

      • Participate in Quarterly Feedback/Coaching session with other Resident Dance Artists and Core Dance Artistic Director

      • Participate in Anti-Racism/Diversity Training

      • Demonstrate and practice the Core Dance Cultural Manifesto (provided at orientation)

      • Acknowledge Core Dance Resident Artist status in all professional promotion.

    • ​​Additional Opportunities:

      • Up to 14 hours per week studio time for 15 weeks (210 studio hours total) anytime over the 18-month period

      • Complimentary Attendance in Morning Class (Monday through Friday)

      • Complimentary Attendance in DIG (1-3 plots per season)

      • Complimentary Attendance in CoreoLab

      • Use of Red Cord equipment - Training for solo use provided once annually

      • Participation in the creative process/work of other Resident Dance Artists 

      • Core Dance Studio availability for one Salon presentation of your work 


  • February 1, 2021 thru August 31, 2022

    • Staggered start dates between February 1 and May 1, 2021 can be accommodated with Resident Dance Artist fee prorated accordingly 



  • Core Dance Studios in Decatur, GA and tour sites as determined



  • Online application available December 21, 2020 thru January 11, 2021

    • Completed Applications  will include:

      •  Free write responses to questions:  

        1. What is your current artistic research and investigation?

        2. How do you define collaboration?

        3. Do you create with the public/community in mind and if so, how?

        4. How does artistic research, investigation, collaboration and community manifest in your work?

      • Please provide:

        • Resume and bio of experience to support this application

        • 3 work samples in the form of links to videos no longer than 15 minutes total and no older than 3 years (2018)

        • 3 professional references

        • Sample Teaching/Class outline/curriculum

        • Application fee of $25

Questions about the program?

Check our FAQ here

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