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Process as Practice

CoreoLab is a resource designed for individual artists to take creative risks and support innovative ideas that redefine artistic boundaries. While reshaping the conversation about art and experience – without the expectation of producing work for performance or the stage - CoreoLab provides access to studio time, studio space and local and regional Dance Artists.

Since its inception in 2016, the CoreoLab experience has been led by
Germana Civera (France/Spain), Polly Motley (USA), Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor
(Israel), John McFall (USA/Netherlands) and Amanda K. Miller (USA)

2018-2019: Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor
February 4th-22nd, 2019

2019-2020: John McFall 
November 4th-22nd, 2019

2020-2021: Amanda K. Miller

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