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Elizabeth Labbe-Webb

A change maker for most of her life, Elizabeth Labbe-Webb knew from a very early age she wanted to be an artist and always pushed to be included in the experiences that were commonly given to her classmates but were deemed too hard or inconvenient to provide for her as a person with a disability. Since those auspicious days as a young troublemaker, she earned degrees from Kent State University (Theatre) and Ohio State University (MBA). Along the way she blazed trails in the places where art and the disability experience met, pushing for inclusion when very few people even knew what that meant. Her roles include that of actor, designer, director, stage manager, choreographer. She has  helmed every type of running crew and worked on every type of show from the Greek masters to new work from today, from community theatre to opera, gallery design and dance. She boasts numerous awards for her creative work with recognition for her leadership and vision  by every community she has served. She  helped to found several non-profits, paving the way for “othered” communities to take back their own power.  


Elizabeth is considered an expert in inclusive practices and corporate strategy. Her expertise has found its way to the Ohio Arts Council, Georgia Council for the Arts, Fulton County Arts Council, Alternate Roots, the NEA, the High Museum among many others. 

Elizabeth is alumna of the Metro Atlanta Arts Fund Arts Leaders program and the Georgia Center for Non-Profits CEO Central. She adjudicated the Governor's Honors Awards in Theatre for several years and mentors young women with disabilities around the country as they pursue careers in the arts. She is a long time member of the Leadership in Disability Center's Community Steering Committee and works tirelessly advocating for truly inclusive communities.  

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