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Re- Constructing the Dancing Body: Screen Dance & the ever fluid definition of Place & Time

enCore Dance on Film features short movies by dance filmmakers from around the world. These screenings are free and open to the public. Screened annually since 2014, enCore Dance on Film presents a selection of fascinating independent Screen Dance productions and serves as a platform for films which picture dance exclusively for, and with, the camera. Focusing on the interplay between dance and the techniques of filmmaking, enCore Dance on Film explores the possibilities and boundaries of Screen Dance as an art form.

Showcasing annually since 2014, for enCore Dance on Film 2022, 223 submissions were received from 32 different countries with 20 final selections representing 10 different countries.

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RESOURCE by Maxime DOS, Martin HARRIAGUE (France)

enCore Dance on Film 2022 special submission from
Ukrainian Artist, Anton Ovchinnikov
Monochrome - Anton Ovchinnikov

Anton Ovchinnikov – multidisciplinary artist. He works as choreographer, performer, composer, lecturer, and organizer of the annual international dance festival Zelyonka Space UP in Kyiv. Ovchinnikov was born in Kyiv in 1971. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, MA. Since 2008 he is the artistic director of the Black O!Range dance productions company. The company was recognized as one of the most distinctive and original dance projects in Ukraine. In 2015 Ovchinnikov cofounded All-Ukrainian Association “Contemporary Dance Platform”. He is the President of the institution. Main objectives of the Association are to support young Ukrainian choreographers, integrate contemporary dance into the modern cultural life of Ukraine and establish the national center of contemporary dance. In 2016-2021 Anton Ovchinnikov presented a few solo performances and created four multidisciplinary projects. In 2017 he was the fellow of CEC Artslink Residency in the USA. Since 2018 Anton Ovchinnikov is the member of the expert panel of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Fresh Oranges Into the Ocean

Country: Italy

Filmmaker(s): Silvia Giordano, Nuanda Sheridan

Simona De Simone, known under the artistic pseudonym of Nuanda Sheridan, was born in the province of Lecce on December 5, 1985. She studied theatre direction and acting, before training in film direction. She works as an assistant and associate director in various film and television productions, such as "Io che amo solo te" by Marco Ponti, "Sacred Fire" by Samuele Rossi and "Il cacio con le pere" by Luca Calvani. She signed her first work with "Satyagraha", winner of numerous national and international awards, and inserted in an installation in the Verbeke Foundation contemporary art museum in Belgium. Subsequently she was assigner the direction of “Forse è solo mal di mare”, a film for the big screen produced by Cibbè film. She writes and directs the collective short film "Ripartenza" produced by Dado production and the music video "Hamburg" for Giulio Bianco, winner of the Records Puglia Sounds competition. She made the documentary "Historia de una guía maya" in Guatemala together with Sofia Quercetti and she is currently involved in the development of her next film “Secondo Isaiah”. 

Fresh Oranges Into The Ocean

Country: Spain

Filmmakers: Adrián González, Esther Latorre, Hugo Pereira

Dark tissue of the brain 

that contains nerve fibers, 

similar to threads. 

Gray matter is the raw material 

from which we are made. 

It is the fiber that weaves our being. 

Felt is the first textile material. 

The oldest man created. 

A gender that is obtained entangling fibers with heat. 

Two primitive subjects 

with which we build an identity.

Firebird Reimagined

Country: United Kingdom

Filmmaker(s): Nauris Buksevic

Firedbird Reimagined

Country: Israel

Filmmaker: Maxim Gagloyty

The main character is looking for “a key”, but the searches are suspended when she is unexpectedly surrounded by strangers. She will have to fight them.


Born in the city of Vladikavkaz, April 28, 2000. Since childhood, cinema has been my main passion. Transferring my fantasies and ideas to the screens, making them real became my dream, which I live for. I am graduating from the Higher School of Economics, specializing in film and video art.


Country: United Kingdom

Filmmaker(s): Zoe Villiers

Like most actors, Zoe was unable to perform during lockdown, so when the time finally comes to return to work she finds herself feeling somewhat…rusty.


Zoe is an actress and filmmaker from Cambridge, England. She has toured nationally and internationally with Temper Theatre over the past 8 years, as a lead performer and core member of the company, having taken multiple productions to Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Zoo Southside Main house, and Teatro Britanico in Lima, Peru with critically acclaimed show ‘TRIBE’. She has worked closely with world class director Mark Murphy on multiple projects, including Wimbledon Rematch - recreating the famous tennis match of 1980 between Björn Borg and John McEnroe. In her last year at drama school she played lead roles Millie Owens in ‘Picnic’ and Albertine in ‘A Waste of Time’ - Marcel Proust’s ‘À la Recherche du Temps Perdu’.

Zoe worked along side Ed Sheeran and Elton John in their music video for ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. She also featured as Judas in The Zangwills music video for ‘Judas on the Dancefloor’ produced by Maisie Williams and lead by BAFTA Cymru winning director Lowri Roberts. She has featured in roles on HBO’s ‘Pennyworth’, BBC1 dramas ‘The ABC Murders’ and ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’. Post pandemic Zoe has enjoyed expanding her knowledge of filmmaking creating low-budget short films and by working in front of and behind the camera.

Pit Stop

Country: United States

Filmmakers: Andy Noble, Dionne Noble

Three friends take a pit stop during a car trip and a comical dance ensues.


Andy Noble and Dionne Sparkman Noble are long time collaborators who have been entertaining dance audiences for over 20 years. Together they direct NobleMotion Dance, named Houston’s Best Dance Company 2015, 2016, and 2019. The company has received over 50 positive reviews and been featured in articles in Entertainment Weekly and Dance Magazine. Notably, Andy and Dionne collaborated with Academy Award winner John Ridley to create choreography for the Emmy Award Winning ABC TV show American Crime. Andy and Dionne have extensive performing careers and have taught and choreographed at universities and companies internationally including Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Repertory Dance Theatre, Bruce Wood Dance Company, Urbanity, and Malashock Dance Company. Houston Press identified both as Houston’s 100 Most Creatives. Currently, Andy and Dionne serve as professors at Sam Houston State University and teach every summer at Dance Italia. For more info, please visit

Social Waves

Country: Greece

Filmmaker(s): Evangelia Kimpizi

Social Waves presents the bond between people and the degree of influence exerted by one on the other. Social Waves, demonstrates how the modern way of life, the storm of information and the creation of imaginary needs, affect human psychology. Through the movement an attempt is made to search for human thoughts, endless impasses but also the strong bond of influence between people.

Will We Meet Again_
Will We Meet Again?

Country: France

Filmmaker(s): Lionel AH-SOU, Lisa MAGNAN

'Will we meet again?' is a singular and authentic dance film where the nowaday separated couple showcases the power and depth of love and find solace in their imaginations through the prism of dance.

We discover the capacity that our mind has of keeping these feelings intact, allowing them to appear just like open doors leading to the past. We also take a glimpse of the need to project ourselves and the hope of a future reunion… 

Through the different scenes, the mind moves from past to present and 

dreams about a possible moment of reuniting in a more or less near future. The faith stays intact, the border between fantasy and reality melts together to evoke and translate the feelings, the need for one another. 

The hope, the desire and the need all coincide, either through the man’s gaze or the woman’s with modesty and depth as if sublimated by the memories and the unconscious mind…

Let Down

Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Andrea Guajardo

The story of a lost love is told through movement that confronts gender normative dancing, and while providing representation for queer females in dance.


Andrea Guajardo was born and raised in South Texas where she began her dance training in ballet and Mexican Folk at Dancentre of Edinburg. At 17 she moved to New York when she accepted a scholarship to study at The Ailey School, and in 2013 she graduated from The Ailey School and Fordham University with a BFA in dance. Upon graduating from Fordham in 2013, Andrea joined Momix under the direction of Moses Pendleton, where she toured and performed until 2017. Andrea has previously performed with Kazuko Hirabayashi Dance Theater and has worked as a teaching artist for Dance Theater of Harlem and Ballet Hispanico. In January of 2017, Andrea founded Ballet Nepantla in partnership with Edinburg Dance Theatre and currently holds the roles of dancer and artistic director for the company. In March 2020, Andrea was awarded a Lotos Foundation Prize in the Arts and Sciences for her choreography.

Let Down
They Dance With Their Heads
They Dance With Their Heads

Country: Canada

Filmmaker(s): Thomas Corriveau

The severed head of a choreographer is held captive by an eagle on a desert island. With a dazzling mastery of drawing and painting, this animated short unexpectedly takes us into the sensitive world of an artist madly in love with dance.


Thomas Corriveau made his first films in the 1980s and pursued a career as a visual artist, working mainly in the fields of drawing, painting and animation. His works are part of various private and public collections and he has exhibited regularly in Canada and abroad. He is a professor at the School of Visual and Media Arts at Université du Québec in Montréal. After a two-decade hiatus, he returned to animation and is now fully involved as an independent director.

One Last Ride

Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Anastacia Babenko

Following the Alaskan Way Viaduct teardown in Seattle, the film is a cinematic dialogue between concrete and flesh.


Anastasia Babenko is a Ukrainian filmmaker currently based in Seattle, WA. Prior to writing and directing, she had worked as a news reporter in Ukraine, Germany, and the U.S. Anastasia also curated shows and film programs for the Center on Contemporary Art and Northwest Film Forum, both based in Seattle. In 2020, she was a part of the Seattle International Film Festival’s programming team. Her recent works include a collaboration with Ukrainian designer Anton Belinskiy for Paris Fashion Week.

One Last Ride
The Space Between Us
The Space Between Us

Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Gabriel Diamond

Sarah Crowell and Keith Hennessey are both dancers, teachers, and activists in the Bay Area. They have known each other for nearly 30 years. But they’ve never collaborated or connected deeply, until now.


The Space Between Us is a radical experiment in the power of bearing witness, inviting vulnerability, and sharing movement, in a time of social distancing and racial reckoning.


Country: France

Filmmaker(s): Maxime DOS, Martin HARRIAGUE

Human chrysalises, the product of an oppressive and plastic universe, hatch and find a way forward to reach the light through dancing…


Maxime Dos lives in Anglet, France, and works with prestigious companies and choreographers of international renown: Akram Khan Dance Company, English National Ballet, Malandain Biarritz Ballet, the Ballet de Bordeaux and Ballet Vlandereen of Antwerp. 

He directs trailers, documentaries and video recordings, and creates a specific universe for each creation.

This Car Up
This Car Up

Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Ari Christopher

“This Car Up” is a film by Tulsa Modern Movement commissioned for the Greenwood Art Project and Bloomberg Philanthropies to activate civic healing around the 100-year mark of the Tulsa Race Massacre. 

The film explores the nature of perception by looking at the story of Sarah Page and David “Dick” Rowland and their possible interaction in the Drexel Building elevator, the catalyzing event of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. In the mix are questions about the politics of these two bodies together (White woman and Black man) and America’s general paranoia about these two bodies in contact. 

In the face of ambiguity about what happened in the elevator, Choreographer Ari Christopher sees a certainty about perception: “What is true for a person is heavily influenced by their position in society and the accompanying fears, resentments, and beliefs — crafted and delivered by our storytellers and meaning-makers.”

La Galerie

Country: Canada

Filmmaker(s): Luop-William Théberge

During a nighttime visit to a museum, an unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey between the real and the unreal.


Loup-William is a self-taught creator from Québec City who is passionate about images and has been active in multimedia production since 2014. His sensitivity to movement has led to a particular interest in body language and driven him to develop a number of collaborations with the contemporary dance and circus art communities.

Loup-William est un créateur autodidacte de Québec, passionné de l’image et actif dans le milieu de la production multimédia depuis 2014. Sa sensibilité pour le mouvement l’amène à s’intéresser particulièrement au langage corporel et à développer ainsi plusieurs collaborations avec le milieu de la danse contemporaine et de l’art circassien.

La Galerie
Moving Barcelona
Moving Barcelona

Country: United Kingdom

Filmmaker(s): Jevan Chowdhury

Moving Barcelona is a magical realist dance story about the Catalonian capital, an autonomous region in the Spanish State contending with an identity crisis. A city with everything going for it is still haunted by the ghosts of its past and despite much progress, it finds itself unearthing old wounds. Narrated by celebrated actor, Pep Munné, who appeals for calm, there is a sense of reassurance that all is okay. The movement of the city however tells a different story, and he is resigned to the fact that things inevitably, are the way they are. Barcelonians, in pursuit of happiness, find themselves on a treadmill  to nowhere in a tale of modern day life. Moving Barcelona is the eighth film in an award-winning collection of works by the London-based film-maker, Jevan Chowdhury to capture the world as a stage. Life on the street in London, Paris, Brussels, Dallas, Prague, Yerevan and Athens have all been recorded in this growing canon.


Jevan Chowdhury is an award-winning filmmaker with 19 years experience in film production. He has led and managed campaigns for international organisations, governments and cultural institutions including the UK Department of International Trade, MTR, Barnardo’s, Hong Kong Ballet and the Institution of Civil Engineers. His placemaking project ‘Moving Cities’ is responsible for the engagement of over 50 million visitors in the last 5 years and has exhibited in 68 festivals with recent exhibitions in Sadler’s Wells, Tate Modern, London City Hall, The AT&T Aurora Exhibition and Standard Vision Los Angeles. Jevan’s work has also featured in publications TimeOut, Nowness and LensCulture. Jevan is an Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Daniel Gwirtzman

The film, showcasing an ensemble of dancers moving in unison in a variety of natural settings, finds inspiration from the transformative process of a tree. Filmed during the first summer of the pandemic, the title of the piece and the nature of it resonates at this time. Trees bloom again and so will we. We may be weeping now, but we will soon bloom flowers! Remaining stationary does not mean we are incapable of growth. There is much beauty in what we can accomplish despite seemingly stagnant positions. We are more than capable of blossoming into magnificent, strong trees. The metaphor reminds that good that can come from reconnecting to one's roots, or from planting new seeds in order to form new roots, or connections, in one's life. An elegy for those that passed from the pandemic, Willow is set to Scott Joplin’s stirring Weeping Willow.

Caught In a Loop
Caught In A Loop

Country: Cyprus

Filmmaker(s): Elisavet Panagiotou

No need to wait for the thoughts. They are already there. 


Isn’t it funny how wandering minds exist in space-time bounded realities? 


Innocent questions. obsessive regrets. I am usually filled with their limits and all the in-betweens. 


Of never-ending ifs… 

What if I wait a bit longer though?


Elisavet Panagiotou is a cross-disciplinary mover, experimenting with a variety of dance and movement practices. Since 2020 she has been collaborating with Cypriot-based choreographers and creators for their works and she has been also creating her own work. “Caught in a loop” is the first dance film she has created, sponsored by Youth Board of Cyprus. Currently she is a PhD student in Psychology at the University of Cyprus where she aims to study relations between performance and social identities, while she is also making her way into artistic creation.

“John L” black midi

Country: United States

Filmmaker(s): Nina McNeely

An absurdist dance and animation extravaganza about when cult followers turn on their leader.


Nina McNeely is a storyteller, provocateur, and a creator. She is a choreographer, visual artist, director, creative director, and animator. Nina is madly in love with people, and finds no greater pleasure than studying the human condition. In her experience, the human form in motion is both poignant and poetic, capable of expressing concepts and feelings that words simply cannot. She sees the connection and chemistry between people as an immeasurable force, containing pure electricity. Nina's work is visceral, rebellious, rowdy - and at once introspective, delicate, and alluring. She strives to be an unknowing vessel that channels artistic expression, and a guide that may lead any willing artist towards their own truth. As an avid believer in Magick, Nina has a keen eye for those who contain it. She prides herself in her preparedness, attention to detail, and work ethic - she never shies from a challenge. Throughout her career, Nina has been fortunate to work with Björk, Gaspar Noé, The Weeknd, Rihanna, Foo Fighters, Sam Smith, Alicia Keyes and black midi to name a few - all legends in their own right.

_John L_ black midi
​​Roie Avidan

Roie Avidan (born 1976, New York) is a visual poet. His main mediums are photography, poetry and street-art. He studied physical-mindfulness at the Grinberg Method School (2001-2003) and much of his practice, in all mediums, is rooted in that. Avidan also has an extensive resume in the music industry.


In 2009 he co-founded (with Maya Gelfman) the global street-art project Mind the Heart!, which has reached more than 100 cities across 5 continents. The project strives to get audiences to BE HERE NOW through tangible street installations and public actions. Mind the Heart! has worked and exhibited in dozens of venues, from the Israel National Museum, Bangkok National Gallery and the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., to back alleys in New York and orphanages in Kenya and Uganda. Other partners include: City of Houston TX, City of Tel Aviv, The Smithsonian D.C., Rice University TX, Hillary Clinton Children's Library in Little Rock AR, Building 98 in Marfa TX, Creative Discovery Museum TN.

Roie Avidan - Photo by Muper Photo.jpg

Meet the Adjudicators

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William Downs

Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, William Downs works in a range of mediums, but focuses primarily on drawing. He received a Multidisciplinary M.F.A .from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore and a B.F.A. in Painting and Printmaking from the Atlanta College of Art and Design. Downs taught Foundation Drawing at the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2002 through 2010. He taught Advanced Drawing at Parsons The New School for Design, Foundation Drawing at The Cooper Union and Tulane University.

His work has been presented at numerous venues in the United States and abroad. Downs was represented by Moti Haasn Gallery 2007—2009, Slag Gallery 2009—2010, both New York Galleries and Parker Jones Gallery in LA 2009—2010. His work was part of “Monster Drawing” at the High Museum of Art, and “On Paper” at Field Work Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. He was recently included in a group exhibition “Art AIDS America” at The Zuckerman Museum of Art in Kennesaw. Downs is currently a Drawing and Painting Lecturer at Georgia State University.

“I want my work to speak the truth. With this, I find pleasure in admiring and studying human behavior. Drawing while traveling, from everyday life, and from dreams, keeping a visual record of the interactions I observe between others and within my own psychology.

By using the figure as a foundation I build bodies and landscapes with lines and layering of lines. The line is one of the most elemental forms of mark making: it is singular, yet serves to be manipulated and layered to create something more infinite than itself. This gives me the ability to mix formal and surreal elements, which are united on the surface of my drawings.”

Géraldine Nielsen

Geraldine Nielsen is a Franco-Argentine director and editor, who has worked in advertising, film and television both in her country and in Barcelona and France. After 25 years of working in all sectors of the audiovisual medium: production, realization, camera and editing, the last few years she has dedicated herself to working independently with dance, theater and circus companies. Since 2003, she collaborates artistically and technically with the MANIFESTE Association (contemporary dance) in Toulouse, France and abroad (Cuba, USA, Europe).

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 11.40.04 PM.png
Juana Farfan

Juana Farfan is an independent artist and dance educator based in Atlanta, Georgia, originally from Bogota, Colombia. She has been creating and performing in the Atlanta dance community since 2002, as well as being an arts curriculum integration and dance teacher in grades K-12.