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Re- Constructing the Dancing Body: Screen Dance & the ever fluid definition of Place & Time

Celebrating 10 Years of Screen Dance

Presenting the enCore: Dance on Film 2024 Showcase

Shared Breath by Roger Sinha (Canada), NETTE: A kinesic experiment by Artemis Pyrpilis (Greece)


The Anniversary by Stephen Agisilaou (United States), Omari Carter, ba(ME) (United Kingdom)    

YUGO MANCHESTER by Daniel Rodrigues Correia (Netherlands), Look At You by Shira Zaid (United States), The Shapes of Aether by Elias Benedikt Choi-Buttinger (Austria)

SHIMMER by Anna Watkins (United Kingdom), The Revolution by Shakiba Mousazadeh (Iran), Birds by Joakin Hauge Vocke (Norway) 

enCore: Dance on Film features short movies by dance filmmakers from around the world. These screenings are free and open to the public. Screened annually since 2014, enCore: Dance on Film presents a selection of fascinating independent Screen Dance productions and serves as a platform for films which picture dance exclusively for, and with, the camera. Focusing on the interplay between dance and the techniques of filmmaking, enCore: Dance on Film explores the possibilities and boundaries of Screen Dance as an art form.

Showcasing annually since 2014, for enCore: Dance on Film 2024, 88 submissions were received from 25 different countries with 10 final selections.

This year's enCore: Dance on Film 2024 will be streamed on our windows in Decatur Square from May 3rd, 2024 to August 31st, 2024

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 6.52.39 PM.png

enCore: Dance on Film 2023

Filmmaker Kym McDaniel

Film: "Different water worlds"

Watch previous enCore: Dance on Film on Vimeo

Meet the 2024 Adjudicators

Amador Artiga

Amador Artiga, born in 1977, shines as an audio visual filmmaker and visual designer for live shows. His influence in the realm of performing arts is evident through his regular collaborations with esteemed institutions, spanning across Spain, France, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Amador draws inspiration from each project, seamlessly blending his artistic vision with the choreographer's to craft unique visual experiences in both live productions and films. His adaptability and attentive nature enable him to translate his artistic identity while attending to the project's specific requirements. Over the course of his career, he has collaborated with renowned artists and international companies, enriching his perspective and nurturing his creativity. His approach revolves around enhancing the concept and dramaturgy, acknowledging that the media serve as conduits for conveying the strength and essence of each artistic endeavor. With an unwavering passion and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Amador Artiga has solidified his standing as a highly esteemed artist within the industry.

Amador Artiga.jpg
Christian Meyer.jpg
Christian Meyer

Christian Meyer is a Berlin-based, award winning composer and musician. His work and collaborations span a wide array of mediums, genres, and cultures. He has composed scores for films, commercials, and dance/theatre, created sound installations and video art.


Christian has performed live both in interactive choreography and narrative pieces, as well as the more traditional music performance/venue around the world. In addition to his sound work, Christian explores visual creativity with his fine art photography work.

Awards: Best film music awarded by the union of german film critics :: ADC :: VDW :: Die Klappe :: New York Festival :: Finalist Cannes Lions

Katarzyna Pastuszak

Katarzyna is a dancer/performer, choreographer and artistic director of Amareya Theatre & Guests, Associate Professor and Lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts (Institute of English and American Studies-University of Gdańsk), member of Between.Pomiędzy Research Group (UG); Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS); curator of the Gdańsk Dance Festival in the years 2009 -2014; co- organiser of the Polish Dance Platform 2019 in Gdańsk. Since 2019 she cooperates with Sue Schroeder and CORE Dance.


She is a holder of numerous artistic scholarships granted by the City of Gdańsk, the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage. In her artistic activities she explores choreographic practices and improvisation tools. She is interested in the politicality of the body and choreography. She works with ethnic minorities and groups at risk of exclusion. She also explores the relationship between storytelling and choreography, creating performances based on her stories and body memory.

Pastuszak in ANATOMIES (1).jpg
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