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Dance on

Re- Constructing the Dancing Body: Screen Dance & the ever fluid definition of Place & Time

enCore Dance on Film features short movies by dance filmmakers from around the world. These screenings are free and open to the public. Screened annually since 2014, enCore Dance on Film presents a selection of fascinating independent Screen Dance productions and serves as a platform for films which picture dance exclusively for, and with, the camera. Focusing on the interplay between dance and the techniques of filmmaking, enCore Dance on Film explores the possibilities and boundaries of Screen Dance as an art form.

Showcasing annually since 2014, for enCore Dance on Film 2022, 223 submissions were received from 32 different countries with 20 final selections representing 10 different countries.

enCore Dance on Film 2023 Premiere Screening will take place on Friday, May 26, 2023 and will continue to be screened through August 31, 2023 as part of Core Dance’s Window Installation Series.

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enCore: Dance on Film 2022

RESOURCE by Maxime DOS, Martin HARRIAGUE (France)

Meet the 2023 Adjudicators

Cherie Carson

Cherie Carson created her first dance film in 1992, a finalist for the Robert Bennett Award in Los Angeles that year. She choreographs dances that have been performed in a planetarium, on stilts, on rollerblades, in sculpture gardens, reflection pools, in a dress of 11 yards, on a bungee cord hanging from a Banyan tree, on trapeze, tissu, slings, rope & harness and invented equipment. Cherie has created more than 50 aerial pieces. Her last five dance-for-camera films collectively have been selected by 40 festivals around the world and has won 21 awards. Cherie currently resides in Richmond, CA and has an aerial dance company based in Berkeley, CA

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Annabelle Dvir

Annabelle Dvir is an Israeli-Georgian choreographer, voice artist, live sound composer and dance performer, who researches alongside her developing women ensemble - dancers & musicians, the live art through the tension between sensation and perception, the heard and the seen. She creates extreme physical-vocal practices and examines new esthetics and interdisciplinary actions that merge between the worlds of reality and fantasy. She composes, in a musical-choreographic eye, the embodiment of live sound and the visual shapes of alternating soundscapes in order to transform human preconception, emotions and inner desires. Her stage works and practice center the “performance body” as an audial-sonoric and plastic procedures.


Annabelle earned her MA and BA with Dean’s honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and graduated The KELIM Center’s Choreography Program. In 2018 received the ImPulsTanz DanceWEB scholarship Vienna Austria, the Art Excellence Award of Holon Municipality and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports creative grant for outstanding emerging choreographers.

Annabelle’s work and practice are presented both nationally and abroad: Israel, Germany, Italy, Georgia, L.A, Lithuania, Spain, Croatia, France and more

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O’Connor (he/him) I am a multidisciplinary artist (Gaelic, Sicilian heritage) whose work is rooted in community-engaged arts, somatics, ecology, and queer activism.  I work as a choreographer, dancer, teacher, improviser, circus artist, writer, film producer, and installation artist between London Ontario, and the San Francisco Bay Area.   My artistic practice engages improvisation, ritual, imagination, and collective score-making as tools for imagining emergent worlds. I am involved in a decade-long artistic collective, "Sweet Labour Arts" working across settler and Oneida Nation worlds in London Ontario.  Over the last 15 years I have also worked with NAKA dance in Oakland, Skywatchers in the Bay Area, Oncogrrrls feminist art collective in Spain, Anandam in Toronto,  and collaborated with Inuit hunter and designer Paulette Metuq on a project in Nunavut. Currently, I am excited to be collaborating with the following two different experimental dance works with many different inspiring artists:  TRY (San Francisco/New York City) and All the Rage (Guelph).   I hold a degree in ecology from the University of British Columbia, a diploma from the National Circus School of Montreal, an MFA in choreography, and a Ph.D. in performance studies from UC Davis.

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Kateryna Radchenko

Kateryna Radchenko is a curator, artist and photography researcher. 

Since 2015 she acts as the founder and director of the international festival Odesa Photo Days. Additionally, since 2009 she is the head of the NGO “Art Travel”.


Kateryna has curated exhibitions in Ukraine, South Korea, Sweden, Georgia, France, Canada, Greece, UK, Austria, Denmark and Latvia.As an author, she has published articles in several international magazines and online platforms, such as Fotograf, Magenta, EIKON, The British Journal of Photography, FOAM Magazines.


Kateryna studied photography during the fellowship program at Villa Arson (Nice, France), Gaude Polonia program (Warsaw, Poland), Museum of Photography (San Diego, USA).

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enCore: Dance on Film Coordinator
Joshua Poole

Curator – Director – Creator - Facilitator


With a long academic and career history as an artist and curator, Joshua Poole works both nationally and internationally to create connectivity between people, places and art. For more than a decade, Joshua has immersed himself more deeply and purposely in the global arts community. He currently serves as the Assistant Director and Curator for the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Texas, an exhibition forum/museum for local, national, and international artists, with an emphasis on fine arts that reflects the cultural diversity of Houston’s communities.  


Building relationships and creating encounters with institutions and artists is foundational to Joshua’s vision as a curator. His curatorial eye and aesthetic are built through time spent alongside artists - in their studios visits witnessing their creative process and the creation of art.  Joshua forges connections between and with artists from varied institutions, projects and programs, in order to advance their work and create intersectionality within the field of art.


A life-long practitioner and advocate of all mediums of art, Joshua Poole has championed the career path of hundreds of artists. He has initiated numerous projects and exhibitions that weave his passion for and practice of Art Activism including collaboration and production on Democracia’s ORDER, an opera presented in three acts that seeks to radically critique the conventions and injustices of capitalism..  Joshua’s unique background and perspective drives his responsiveness to and within the current arts environment/ecosystem.   


With a felt responsibility to extend his vision, access and reach of art beyond his immediate community, Joshua co-founded Roza - Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Art and Cooperation in Krakow Poland in 2018.  Housed in a historically relevant manor house near Krakow, an area richly steeped in culture and history, the Centre fosters an atmosphere of holistic learning, study and practice of art. Conceived as a “living laboratory” dedicated to creation and intersectionality, Roza serves to erase the boundary between artist and spectator, organically extending Joshua’s vision to create connectivity between people, places and art. 

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