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Fieldwork is coming!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

On Saturday, Fall Fieldwork begins in Houston, with the Atlanta sessions beginning on Monday. I'm fairly new here, and am very curious to learn all about Fieldwork. So, I decided to chat with one of the participants to see what she's expecting and hoping to gain from this process. This blog post covers the first half of our interview... Check back on Monday for the rest! Read on to hear what 26 year old Interdisciplinary and Community Dance Artist, Amanda Sieradzki, has to say! 

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your dance background?

A: I grew up in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, training in ballet and contemporary while spending my free time at the beach wrapped up in whatever YA novel was on the bestseller’s list. I earned my BA in writing with an applied dance minor from the University of Tampa, which is where my inclination towards interdisciplinary art making was first nurtured while taking tandem classes in journalism, poetry, dance, and choreographing for student concerts.  

​I traded my sun and surf for the polar vortex of New York City where I completed a year of independent study at the Ailey School. It was there that I gained a deep appreciation for the great moderns and underwent vigorous training in Horton, Graham, Taylor, and Dunham techniques under the auspices of Ana Marie Forsythe, Carolyn Adams, Marianne Bachman, and Joan Peters.

My dance journey then led me to the swampy panhandle’s capitol, Tallahassee, where I completed my MFA in performance and choreography at Florida State University. Now, I’m a freelance choreographer, journalist, and educator, brand new to the Atlanta area and eager to produce, as well as participate in, all forms of movement, writing, and community engagement.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I am currently the feature writer for the Tallahassee Democrat for the Council on Culture and Arts and enjoy being able to delve into the artistic processes’ of visual artists, musicians, performers, and community organizers via one-on-one weekly interviews and profiles.

In Atlanta, I am on faculty at Expressions in Motion Dance and the Druid Hills Dance Center, and enjoy teaching a variety of styles. My pedagogical background pulls from Anne Green Gilbert’s brain-compatible methodologies, as well as incorporates creative writing elements to aid in movement exploration. I’ve taught all ages and abilities inside and outside studio settings, including universities, children's programs, healthcare facilities, & retirement communities. 

Q: Where were you before Atlanta?

A: Before arriving in Atlanta this summer, I was attending Florida State University’s three-year MFA program, which I completed in May 2017. During my graduate studies, I pursued research on how interdisciplinary processes can connect students, audiences, and the greater community, and made collaborative works with musicians, visual artists, and the undergraduate dancers at FSU.

I taught classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and dance appreciation in FSU’s non-majors program, as well as served on faculty at the Ballet Arts Conservatory of Tallahassee as an instructor, rehearsal assistant, and contributing choreographer.


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