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It's Gonna Happen!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This week began and ended with a bang, with the dancers seeing the performance space for the first time on Monday, and the composer and sound designer arriving from France on Friday. On Monday afternoon, the dancers explored the B Complex and saw how the choreography would adapt to the new environment. The B Complex exists in an industrial colony where artists of all kinds create work. The dancers will perform in a large, open warehouse that is surrounded by plants, sculptures, and gardens. A portion of the piece will take place outside, with the majority of it in the main warehouse. 

On Monday at the B Complex, the dancers celebrated Germana’s birthday with cake, song, and of course, dance (Feliz cumpleaños, Germana!) Throughout the week they worked the piece, focusing on different sections like “Walka Flocka” and “Body Sounds.” They rehearsed in the studio, but next week they will fully transition into having class and rehearsal at the B Complex. 

The music has been fairly consistent up until this point, but today Didier Aschour, the sound designer, began observing rehearsal. The order of the sections and the music may change depending on what Germana and Didier decide, and the dancers are excited. When asked about the upcoming changes, Scott, the youngest member of Core Performance Company, exclaimed “I love process!” PhaeMonae, another member of CPC, said “I love having his eyes here, and seeing how the work evolves now that all the pieces are falling together.”

Phae also told me a bit about the dancers’ trip to the Atlanta International School on Thursday. The dancers performed excerpts from Human Landscapes, and discussed it with the students. Phae said, “The kids are intelligent and their conceptual thinking was out of this world!” Core Dance loves to participate in outreach programs to involve the community in the dance process. 

At the beginning and end of every day, the dancers check in and check out. This means that every person describes how they are feeling, and what they found memorable from the day. Today, the dancers described their day with one word or phrase. Here is how everyone described today:



All the elements

Lots of moving parts on lots of moving ships


It’s gonna happen!

It’s a big family reunion in here today

Thank you



Until tomorrow 



Here we are





Human Landscapes will give the audience an up close and personal look at the journey of the dancers, choreographer, and composer. 


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