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Meet the Core Dance Staff: Stefanie Boettle

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Meet Stefanie - a beautiful dancer who has just transitioned from being a Core Dance Artist to our Community Programs Facilitator. We are so happy to have her join our staff this season!

Stefanie Boettle

Hometown:  Munich, Germany

Education/Training: BA in Business and Management from LDT, Nagold in Germany, BA in Dance and Dance Education

Position: Community Programs Facilitator and Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200)

Delights: 3pm chocolate

How did you come to Core Dance? I started as a Dance Artist at Core Dance in the fall of 2012 after auditioning for Core in the spring of 2012. I heard about Core through a former Dance Artist.

What is your favorite part about working here? Hmmm… sooo many! My favorite part is that everyone is really seen as a person, as a human with a story, everyone really matters. No one is seen as a machine that is expected to just function. I love that there is room to grow and room to create. What one feels and thinks truly matters. Core is what each individual brings to Core, not just the vision of one single  person and everyone else just fulfilling tasks.

What is one of your favorite memories of your time here so far?

Traveling to Israel with the company as a Dance Artist to work with Niv and Oren and also with Vertigo Dance Company. Specifically spending 5 days at the Eco-Village with Core was truly inspirational in so many ways!


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