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MLK Day, DanceATL, and Vero Beach

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Although we had to close up shop for a few days last week, Core Dance has still been plenty busy! Last Monday, Core Performance Company and the Core Dance staff members spent the morning volunteering for the City of Decatur. Our assignment was lawn work: raking, picking up trash, shoveling out old stones, and making the lawn of a Decatur citizen as beautiful as possible. We put on as many layers as we could, grabbed our gardening gloves, and got to work. We carried pieces of concrete, wood planks, and miscellaneous trash to the dumpster. After an hour, I was already stripping off my layers. Although we weren’t in the studio, we certainly got our workout for the day!

    The rest of the week was thrown off course by the ice and snow, but on Friday we were finally back on track with the studios open. That morning, I thawed out my muscles with a class with Kristin O’Neal. Dancing to upbeat, Irish music was the perfect way to begin my Friday. Core Performance Company finished out the afternoon by rehearsing American Playground, which will have its Houston premiere next month. (More info here!)

While the dancers prepare for their trip to Houston, I am getting ready for a community meeting for DanceATL, and an audition for the Riverside Dance Festival at Vero Beach. This Saturday, January 27th, Core Dance will be hosting a placement audition for children ages 10 and up for the Riverside Dance Festival. For more info, check out their website: Following the audition at 4pm in Core Studios will be a meeting with DanceATL, held for all Atlanta dancers, artists, and community members to discuss what the dance community needs at this time.

​   The next few weeks are crammed for us over here in the office. This Monday, our entire staff and company had a Work Room. This is a full day where we dance together and discuss our programs and company needs. In March, we will all attend a 3 day long company retreat, to extend and deepen this process. Spring Fieldwork begins in Atlanta on January 29th, and in Houston on February 3rd. In Atlanta, our February Lunchtime is coming up on February 8th. And don’t forget, we have classes Monday, Wednesday-Friday at 9:00am. Keep warm, and come move with Core Dance!


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