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Rainwalking with Frank Van de Ven

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Yesterday morning, I took a very sweaty class with guest artist Frank Van de Ven. He created a circuit for us that included improvisation techniques like “rain walk,” where you think of the feeling of rain on your body, and “newspaper,” in which you let your body sink like a wet newspaper. Dispersed in between the improvisation were workouts - arms (pushups - yikes!), legs (squats and lunges), and cardio (jump rope). After finishing two cycles, I felt like I had completed a workout that should count for a weeks worth.

Last week, instead of a workout circuit, Frank taught a fast-paced class that focused on movement across the floor. I felt like I couldn’t completely loosen up in my arms, especially when the steps became complicated and I started thinking a lot. Some of the combinations felt like rubbing your stomach and patting your head! When I can’t figure out what step goes where, my tension goes into my upper body. A lot of dancers seem to hold their stress here, and Frank kept reminding us to loosen up. By the end of the class, I felt like I could finally let go and stopped thinking so much (even though I was messing up pretty consistently).

Frank lives in Amsterdam, and has worked with Core Dance in the past. This time, he is creating a piece entitled “Carrying Water to the Sea,” as part of National Water Dance. Core Performance Company will perform this Saturday at 4pm EST on Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island, GA. In Houston, Core Dance is commissioning artists Lydia Hance and jhon stronks to create two other pieces for National Water Dance. Our Houston staff members are preparing for their performance, which will happen at the same time as ours here in Georgia. For more information on our performances this weekend, check out and


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