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Sue Schroeder

Listen to Sue’s recent interview on The Houston Hour with Mister McKinney & Heidi Vaughan courtesy of Mister McKinney Media here.

Artist, Dance Maker, Arts Activist, Mentor, Facilitator

In over 40 years of work in the arts, Sue Schroeder has created more than 110 original dance
works for theaters, museums, green spaces, architectural works, and water environments. Her
work has appeared throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Israel, France, Germany,
Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada,
Guatemala, and Hungary. Schroeder’s multidisciplinary vision has led to collaborations with
major voices in dance, music, spoken word, visual arts and design.

Additionally, Schroeder is recognized as a leading Arts Activist and Mentor and the Founding
Artistic Director of Core Dance. As a contemporary artist and Dance Maker, Schroeder focuses
on the creative process, movement research & exploration, and dance-making as a catalyst for social change.

Under the umbrella of Core Dance, Schroeder facilitated the creation of DanceATL, a dance
service organization that nurtures and promotes dance as a vibrant part of Atlanta’s arts
ecosystem. DanceATL connects artists to resources, grows and engages audiences in the city,
and supports the full range of the industry by cultivating an awareness and appreciation of
dance that is sustainable and expansive.

Schroeder holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Houston and earned her Master of
Fine Arts in Theater Arts with a dance and anthropology concentration from the University of
Arizona at Tucson. Educated under dance greats Bill Evans, Hanya Holm, Oliver Kostock, Anna
Halprin, Isa Bergsohn and John M. Wilson, she holds certifications throughout the U.S. as a
Teaching Artist and is a founding member of the Teacher Training Institute (TTI), a training
program established to develop best practices to teach dance and kinetic learning in
community-based settings.


Photo by Jerry Siegel

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