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Global Water Dances

Videography by Michèle Cramont

Connect to the environment through your body.
Support communities in need. 
Join the fight for safe water.


Photo by Simon Gentry

As part of the global community concerned for our environment, Core Dance performed a new dance work as part of Global Water Dances on Saturday, June 15, at 3pm in Iceland. Core Dance artists Scott Wheet and Nikki Morath will perform a four-part site-specific work near the Atlantic Ocean off the Northwestern coast of Iceland at Samuel Jonsson Art Farm.  Iceland’s pristine coastline inspired Sue Schroeder, Artistic Director of Core Dance, to create a duet that emphasizes the life-giving properties of water and how water connects everyone that lives on Earth.


“The human body is 60% water,” said Sue Schroeder, Artistic Director, Core Dance.   “About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water. It connects us to one another and the Earth.  We dance to draw attention to the need for safe water everywhere so that all living creatures can continue to enjoy access to the invigorating properties of water well into the future.”

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