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Core Dance American Playground photo by Simon Gentry _A001_C029_02166U.0000204.jpg

American Playground

"American Playground," choreographed by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor and performed by Core Dance, investigates multiple themes including ‘body as resistance’, personal authenticity and the dialogue between public and private spaces.  Approximately one hour in length...

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As the Shadows Grow Longer

In the wake of the unexpected and sudden loss of his brother, choreographer D. Patton White was invited by Core artistic director Sue Schroeder to create a new work for the company as a way of working through the grieving process.  

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Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter is a narrated dance performance for elementary school children, grades 2-5, developed to bring awareness to Anti-bullying and to encourage self-awareness and positive body image. Inspired by the children’s book, Full Mouse/Empty Mouse...

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Human Landscapes

“Human Landscapes” was choreographed and conceptualized by Germana Civera, with Sound Design by Didier Aschour. It is an embodied reflection on history, memory, travel, encounters, the migration of beings, gestures and stories. Choreographer Germana Civera draws on her family’s own years in exile during the...

IF... a memoir Performance at B Complex Core Dance by Felipe Barral & IGNI Productions 48.

if... a memoir

Engaging questions of human freedom alongside human limitations and its direct link to the current crisis on our planet, if… a memoir is a love song written for humanity. if… a memoir is an evening-length, physical theater/choreo-poem, revealing a performance literature that is bold, straightforward, expressive and timeless.

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Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted, which was previously titled Gaman, is a richly-layered, full-length work of contemporary dance, art, and music that draws from the experiences of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent who were interned on American soil during World War II. While rooted in this specific story, the work ultimately creates a universal experience from historical events. 

MANIFOLDS Promo Photo at Agnes Scott College in Decatur Georgia Feb 7 2020 by Felipe Barra


"Manifolds” is a dance performance work about the interconnectedness of human movement, architecture, and dimensions in relation to our human existence. The word “manifold” can mean “a whole that unites or consists of many...

No Time To Lose

No Time To Lose

​Initiated in 2021, NTTL included Core Dance artists alongside guest artists, Stephen Earnhart, Keith Hennessy, Adam Larsen, Christian Meyer, Kristin Moeand, Marcus Montgomery.​ In June of 2022, Artistic Director Sue Schroeder and Core Dance Resident Artists will travel to Kraków, Poland in continuation of this work.


Curious Minds


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