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Core Dance Presents... inside: out - Moving Between Image and the Poetic

Core Dance welcomes Georgians to enjoy a video installation that streamed over the weekends on our studio windows at 133 Sycamore Street, 30030, on the Decatur Square.

Our newest "inside: out" video installation launches Saturday, April 10th (following weekends will also how on Fridays). Featuring the work that goes on inside Core Dance's studios, this series provides a glimpse into the Core Dance performance aesthetic. The installation features footage from programs including: American Playground, Water About Us, As the Shadow Grows Longer, If... A Memoir, Manifolds, Nevertheless, She Persists, and Walk. This series runs through May 23rd.

American Playground

"American Playground," choreographed by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor and performed by Core Dance, investigates multiple themes including ‘body as resistance’, personal authenticity and the dialogue between public and private spaces. Read more about the work here.


As the Shadow Grows Longer

As the Shadows Grow Longer has become a meditation on the notion that our lives have meaning because of the relationships we form over the course of a lifetime.  What started out as an expression of grief has unfolded into a piece that investigates the full range of interpersonal relationships between people. Read more about the work here

If... A Memoir

Engaging questions of human freedom alongside human limitations and its direct link to the current crisis on our planet, if… a memoir is a love song written for humanity. Read more about the work here.


"Manifolds” is a dance performance work about the interconnectedness of human movement, architecture, and dimensions in relation to our human existence. Read more about the work here.  

Nevertheless, She Persists 

Nevertheless, She Persists was a new performance from Core Dance advocating for the dignity, intelligence, and potential of women everywhere. Read more about the work here.


walk contemplates the changing nature of the individual within our briskly changing world. Read more about the work here.