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Core Dance Presents... inside: out- Core Dance Animates Community

Core Dance welcomes Georgians to enjoy a video installation that streamed over the weekends on our studio windows at 133 Sycamore Street, 30030, on the Decatur Square.

Our newest "inside: out" video installation launches Friday, March 5th. Featuring the work that goes on inside Core Dance's studios, this series provides an entryway for the public into our practices. The instillation features footage from programs including: Dynamic X-change, Global Water Dance, Heart of The Matter, Lunchtime in the Studio, and Planetary Dance.This series runs through April 4th



























Dynamic X-change

Through Dynamic X-Change Healing Arts Program, the teaching artists of Core Dance use dance to teach, to question, to connect, to heal, and to inspire.  Working in partnership with and in service of our communities, this connection of movement and energy cultivates the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of people of all ages.

Global Water Dance

Global Water Dances (GWD) uses the art of dance to illuminate water issues, both locally and globally. It is a model of how to use participatory art-making for environmental education, raising consciousness and bringing people together. Participants and viewers of GWD bring an increased awareness about protecting water supplies.

Heart of The Matter

Heart of the Matter is a narrated dance performance for elementary school children, grades 2-5, developed to bring awareness to Anti-bullying and to encourage self-awareness and positive body image. The children’s book, Full Mouse/Empty Mouse, by Dr. Dina Zeckhausen, has served as an inspiration for the new dance theatre work that enables students to:

  • identify their feelings

  • investigate solutions when being bullied

  • develop an understanding of feelings and stress on the body 

  • gain basic insights into the connection between feelings and bullying

Performed by the Dance Artists of Core Dance, Heart of the Matter raises awareness and creates an accessible approach to a complex topic.



















Lunchtime in The Studio

Traditionally, Lunchtime in the Studio would be hosted in the intimate setting of the Core Dance Studios on the Decatur Square. Lunchtime in the Studio amplifies the heart of Core Dance’s vision - purposeful artistic risk-taking, invention, community participation, led collaboration, knowledge sharing and enquiry. Lunchtime in the Studio offers the public active engagement and participation in the stimulating environment of Core Dance’s home on the Decatur Square. 

Planetary Dance

The Planetary Dance is a participatory dance rather than a theatrical performance. At its heart is the Earth Run, a simple dance that everybody can do. Participants are invited to run, walk, or simply stand in a series of concentric circles, creating a moving mandala. As we all move to the steady heartbeat of the drums, we become one collective body. Each step upon the Earth becomes a prayer for healing.