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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In just a few weeks, after we return from Thanksgiving break and begin to don our heavy sweaters and scarves, our Fieldwork participants will perform at the Fieldwork Showcase at Emory University. These artists have been workshopping every Monday evening; performing their works for the other participants and providing feedback and observations. This past Monday, I stopped by to get a glimpse of what an evening at Fieldwork looks like. 

Kristin O’Neal, the Rehearsal Director of Core Dance, is choreographing a charming dance solo, and PhaeMonae Brooks, a Dance Artist with Core Performance Company, is creating a movement, poetry, and song piece. Amanda Sieradski is creating a piece with poetry and dance, while the facilitator, Ann Ritter is fine tuning her own poetry.

It's pretty amazing how these artists can combine their talents to create a single work!

I loved watching these artists move and groove around the studio. Kristin's solo had me smiling the whole time, and I was tempted to get up and dance along with her. Amanda's piece made me listen closely to the words of her poem; they were very hard hitting with repetition and rhythm. Phae's poetry took me through a journey, and she would occasionally sing, filling the studio with a beautiful tone. Each of Ann's poems took me to a different time and place, and for a time, I forgot that I was sitting on the marley floor of a dance studio. 

Four other artists will also be performing at the Showcase, and I can't wait to see what they create. After you return from Thanksgiving break, stuffed with turkey and preparing for the cold months, come join Core Dance at the Fall Fieldwork Showcase, Sunday December 3rd at 5pm.

Fall Fieldwork Showcase

Sunday, December 3rd


Dance Studio at the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, Emory University

1700 N. Decatur Rd

Atlanta, GA 30322

Admission $7


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