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Core Dance Communications Internship: A Reflection from ZiYi Wang

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

From a professional Latin dancer to an M.A. student of Arts Administration, I finished my academic life at Savannah College of Art and Design. From a student to a Communications Intern, I opened my new life chapter with my internship at Core Dance this summer.

On my first day at Core, I met everyone in the office: Elizabeth, Gianna, Sydney, Sharon, Katie, Stefanie... everyone  treated me like family, and I fully felt a sense of belonging there.

I believe that what I learned from this internship will strengthen me in my future journeys. Core  provided an incredible opportunities not only by working with staff but also getting to dance in the studio. I have grown so much in my life here.

I directly assisted Publication Manager Sydney before she left the office. She offered me the chance to create content for daily social media posts, design digital promotional materials, and manage the CRM system and calendar. Even though she was the one to make the final decision, she gave me the total freedom to produce it with my own ideas. My skills with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other applications have grown during those assignments.

Core provided a space to me to work both independently and with teams across all departments. After Sydney left, I assisted with Sharon, the Production Manager. We worked together with recording equipment in the studio and office, and she helped me throughout the learning process. I then worked with Gianna, Core's Resource Manager. She taught me about how to edit, create, and publish Volunteer Recruitment posts on the website by using new software. I was surprised when she assigned me to work independently on a big project. I created the  40 FOR 40  Envelope Wall Fundraiser to celebrate Core's 40th anniversary. She offered me the opportunity,  total trust and space to transform my ideas into tangible results.

Core is a fantastic organization that encouraged me to discover myself, develop my skills, and build my personality... Everyone I met here has a passion for dance, and it has been an unforgettable experience for me. And most importantly, Core has helped me define my future career goal. Core Dance provided opportunities for my growth throughout various tasks. I really enjoyed every assignment, every experience, and every person I met in this office! 


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