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Entering a New World with Core Dance

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Last night, audience members walked through the open doors at the B Complex, and entered the world of Human Landscapes for the first time. Over seventy people milled around the space, exploring all the nooks and crannies of the industrial setting. A couple sat on the carpeted swing that hangs from the ceiling in the center of the room as they watched the performers. I don’t want to give too much away, but the improvisation at the opening of the show truly highlights the talents of the Core Performance Company artists, from improvisation on the floor, to spiraling from the ceiling in aerial silks. When the dancers met on the dance floor, the audience grabbed a chair and a glass of wine, and became fully immersed in the vision created by Germana Civera and the Core Performance Company.

Ann, a long-time supporter and fan of Core Dance, spoke about a moment of the performance that grabbed her attention: "Although I was drawn to so many parts of it, I think my favorite was the chain all of you formed on the floor. That form and movement reminded me of a bracelet and how it moves on a wrist. I think of bracelets as energetic tethers, and so here we get to part of how the performance might have worked psychologically to ground me."

Many audience members stayed after the show for a talk-back, and discussed the process and results of the work. It was fascinating to hear what different people gained from the piece, and it was wonderful to gain insights from Germana and the dancers about what they feel when they perform and reflect on the work.

This magical performance will be running for three more nights here in Atlanta - tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday evening at 8pm at the B Complex. There will be post-show discussions after every performance. Unless you’re future plans include trips to France and Spain, these are your last chances to see Human Landscapes!


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