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Water About Us: Residency at University of Central Arkansas

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This season, our Core Dance Artists will be spending their first week of October in Conway, Arkansas.

Hearding Cats Collective has created the music to support choreography that encourages a discussion around water, and human life’s connection to the earth. The audience will have the opportunity to get in the water to experience the vibrations of the music.

For the first time in Core Dance history, the performance will take place in a pool! To prepare for the performance, our dancers have been rehearsing at local pools in Atlanta as well as working in the studio. They’ve been exploring the different states of water with their movements, using their bodies to imitate the way an iceberg melts, or how water freezes or evaporates.

The dancers are focusing on keeping their movement 3 dimensional, like a glacier. This focus is especially important when they are “dripping” or “cracking” like ice. In the piece, they work together to build a shape, which slowly breaks apart as each individual pulls away. They also consider tone, angles, and high and low points to give their movement more depth.

Wondering what exactly this looks like? Stop by the University of Central Arkansas, or follow our social media pages for videos and updates! You can view the Aqurld playbill here.

Thursday, October 4th and Saturday, October 6th

7:00, 7:45, and 8:30pm​

UCA HPER Center, Corner of Farris St. and Students' Lane, Little Rock, Arkansas

Free and open to the public​


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