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Core Dance presents... REEL ART: Video Technology + Installation Art


REEL Art is a platform for original film installations - a contemporary art form that combines video technology with installation art - making use of the storefront windows of Core Dance’s studio building. Coupled with all aspects of the surrounding environment of the Decatur Square, passersby/the audience are affected by this ingenious visual experience. As an installation, this work is unique in its use and design for the Core Dance Studio windows.

For the 2022-23 REEL Art Series, Valerie Massadian, Michael Eckblad (USA), Lori Teague (USA), Amador Artiga (Czech Republic/Spain) and Loren McFalls (USA) wil premiere video installation works commissioned by Core Dance and inspired by the theme, Gestures.

val by Mel Massadian010.jpg

Valérie Massadian is a French filmmaker and photographer, and Villa Albertine resident. In parallel to her residency in Atlanta, she has been invited by Core Dance in Decatur to participate in one of their projects named REEL ART. This project allows artists to present original work of art blending both video technology and art installation, that may blend into the environment of Decatur and embrace the aesthetics of the Core Dance’s studio.  

In the framework of REEL Art, Valérie Massadian will present her highly poetic work Gesture One at Core Dance from October 1 to November 17, 2022. A reception will take place on October 14 at 8pm organized in partnership with Core Dnace. This event is part of the 12th-annual event series, France-Atlanta. France-Atlanta has fostered French-American cooperation and exchange in the fields of science, business, culture, and humanitarian affairs since 2010.

Valerie Massadian is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer. Her first feature, Nana, received the Opera Prima Award at the Locarno Film Festival in 2011. Her second feature, Milla, as well as her short films, have been shown and awarded at international film festivals including Locarno, Valdivia, Jeonju, FICUNAM and Doclisboa. Her work focuses mainly on the primal physicality of female characters and how they relate to the natural world. Developed over time with each protagonist, her films mix fairy tale and realism, poetics and politics to play with the boundaries of fiction and define their own dimensions.  

This fall, Valérie Massadian is one of the residents of Villa Albertine, the newest French cultural institution in the United States. Reinventing artists’ residencies, Villa Albertine is creating a network for arts and ideas spanning France and the United States. It offers tailor-made residencies for global creators, thinkers, and cultural professionals.

Valérie Massadian’s residency is part of a federal-scale Villa Albertine project intiated by Catherine Bizern entitled 10 in America and produced by Les Films Hatari that gives 10 French filmmakers the opportunity to shoot their own experience of one city in the United States. Valérie Massadian has been offered the chance to tackle the city of Atlanta.

Please find information about her residency project here:

Gesture 1 - Valerie Massadian

October 1-November 17, 2022

Gesture 2 - Michael Eckblad
November 18, 2022- January 5, 2023

Michael Eckblad.jpg

Michael Eckblad is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist whose work spans the performed to the visually formal. Born in Madison, WI, his work has shown nationally and internationally, in galleries, exhibitions, film festivals and publications. He is the recipient of several awards including the George R. Bunker award, holds an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gesture 3 - Lori Teague

January 6- February 16, 2023

Lori Teague photo.jpg

Lori C. Teague develops improvisational scores that invite play, kinesthetic listening, and choice. These processes seek to empower, expand awareness, and build new connections.

Teague continues to ask: How do we live in our body? She frames the ongoing relationship bodies have with societal norms and the distinctive manner in which we survive loss. Her ongoing practice of site-specific improvisational performance strengthens connections to the natural world and explores uninhabited spaces. 

Teague joined the dance faculty at Emory University in 1994 where she teaches modern, improvisation, choreography, dance literacy, pedagogy, contact improvisation, and interdisciplinary courses combining movement and math concepts. She earned an MFA from The Ohio State University and a certification in Laban Movement Studies.  

Gesture 4 - Amador Artiga

February 17-March 30, 2023

Amador Artiga.jpg

Amador Artiga is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in visual dramaturgy, design, and production of video scenes, digital scenography, and installations for performing arts.  For more than 10 years, he has been creating visuals, being in charge of the design and content creation, and going hand in hand with the director in his or her creative journey. 

His priority is understanding, embracing, and transforming concepts and ideas into the visual world. He is in love with movement no matter the form it takes, that’s why you can see pieces going from live action to motion graphics passing by stop motion, the tool is just a tool the matter is the message. He has worked in Spain, France, and Czech Republic for private companies and government institutions, maintaining absolute love and dedication in every project, no matter the size of it

Gesture 5 - Loren McFalls

March 31-May 25, 2023

Loren McFalls.jpg

Loren McFalls is a choreographer as well as a teaching & performing artist for both stage and film. She grew up training at the Rock School in Philadelphia, Lawrenceville School of Ballet, and Buford School of Ballet. Loren was a company member of both Southern Ballet Theater & Georgia Christian Dance Theater. She attended Drexel University on a dance performance scholarship where she became a member of the Drexel Dance Ensemble and was fully immersed in the Philadelphia artists’ scene. After graduating she founded an artists’ collective while teaching and performing in the community. She produced and performed in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, self-produced collective performances as well as coordinated monthly music showcases and a recurring outdoor summer festival. In 2018, Loren moved to Los Angeles for an agency in event production and continued to teach and take classes in Southern California. In 2020 she returned to the city she grew up in and now Loren is both ateaching artist for Atlanta Ballet & Buford School of Ballet. She has volunteered with Dance ATL since 2020 and is currently a member and on the Board of Directors after participating in the 2020 A.M. Collaborative program. She is a recurring curator on the 2021 & 2022 A.M.Collaborative programs. Loren has had work featured in the A.M. Collaborative’s showing, Through Deep Waters Festival, Spring for Spring Dance Festival, Zoetic Dance’s MIXTAPE, FullRadius Dance’s MAD Festival, Peace One Day, and Fall for Fall Dance Festival.

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